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ZFX September 2017

Posted on Sep 7, 2017

CLOSING a Ziploc bag?!?! AUGH!!!

Okay, I’m just going to throw out some guesses for the new sound. If you don’t have one, use one of these:

– hitting the Coin Return on a vending machine and your coin falling out into the tray NOPE!

– pulling the chain on a lightbulb and turning it on/off NO

– dropping a whisk into a mixing bowl NO!

– pushing the button on a coffee grinder once and the beans jumping around NAH

– pressing the Pulse button on a blender and the ice jumping around ?

Maybe these?

– parking meter

– ring toss game

– ceiling fan chain

– sink plug release

– hitting PULSE on a blender

– opening the cork on a Grolsch beer bottle

– mouse trap springing