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ZFX September 2017

Posted on Sep 7, 2017

CLOSING a Ziploc bag?!?! AUGH!!!

Okay, I’m just going to throw out some guesses for the new sound. If you don’t have one, use one of these:

– hitting the Coin Return on a vending machine and your coin falling out into the tray NOPE!

– pulling the chain on a lightbulb and turning it on/off NO

– dropping a whisk into a mixing bowl NO!

– pushing the button on a coffee grinder once and the beans jumping around NAH

– pressing the Pulse button on a blender and the ice jumping around ?

Maybe these?

– parking meter NOPE!

– ring toss game

– ceiling fan chain NO!

– sink plug release

– hitting PULSE on a blender

– opening the cork on a Grolsch beer bottle

– mouse trap springing

– lighting a match

– taking your rings off and dropping them into a bowl before you wash the dishes (haha)

Well, would you look at that! I had the answer right THERE on my list!! Congrats to Wendy who won over $23,000!!! Wendy, if you’re reading this right now, I just want you to know that you are a beautiful human being, and very generous too. Make good choices… 😉

On to the new sound!! Here are my guesses for this one:

– an egg being shelled – NO!
– a peanut shell being opened – Nope.
– peeling a crab leg
– sharpening a pencil NOPE.
– Pop Rocks candy on your tongue – No.
– squeezing garlic through a garlic press – YESSSSSS!!!!
– playing with a stack of poker chips (lifting and letting them fall one at a time atop each other) – NO.
– peeling the safety plastic cover off a container of yogurt or sour cream
– pulling a bunch of paper clips off a table into a container
– peeling a banana
– squeezing ketchup out of a squeeze bottle

Humph. Okay, just because I had right answers for the last two doesn’t mean I’ll get this new sound right. Here’s a list of the things I think it *could* be…

– an ATM counting out your money and then ejecting it – NO.
– impact wrench tightening a tire’s lug nut – nope
– label maker printing out a label and then cutting it off – NO.
– threading a sewing machine – no.
– automatic sugar dispenser shooting sugar into your cup
– a paint gun
– egg beater
– an electric pencil sharpener

I canNOT believe I didn’t know it was a Rubik’s cube!! I’ve been doing them since I was 13 and we have one downstairs! ARGH!!!

On to the new sound…

ZFX round 5 guesses:

– closing a bread box
– opening a window

BAAAAHAHAHAHAHAHA!! “pulling a can of pop out of the case” – baaaahahahaha! I never in a million years would’ve gotten that, even though the sound is familiar. We don’t have pop in the house so it’s not something that would even occur to me. Granted, we don’t have mice either, but for some reason that mousetrap option came to me. Hmmm….

This new sound is also familiar. Do you think it could be:

– ripping paper
– lighting a match – NO
– pulling velcro apart

I actually don’t think it’s any of those. It sounds more metallic to me. Any ideas? I’ll keep trying to come up with guesses…

– a metal tape measure retracting
– pulling the string back and letting the metal blinds down
– winding up a mechanical chick/toy and letting it go

Or maybe it’s something with air, like:
– a spray bottle
– soda stream dispenser

PEELING A BANANA?!>! AUGH!!!!! I give up…

Okay, just one more…

Here are my guesses for the current sound:

– buttering a piece of bread
– pulling and tearing out toilet paper
– using a paint brush
– spreading putty over a crack

FFS! Lacing up ice skates?! Frickin frackin, this egg’s crackin!

NO, that is not my guess for the new sound! I don’t have any guesses for the new one, but I’m leaning towards:

– running a pencil up and down the rings of a notebook

Of COURSE it was handcuffs!!! Sounds just like that!

Next sound was guessed right away – water bottle.

New sound guesses: (what the hell is that little beep near the end?!)

– pressing the unlock button inside a car door – probably not
– using a self-inking date stamper – NO

– Unlatching a suitcase

– releasing your coin from a shopping cart

– punching a time card in a punch clock

– hitting a speed bag

– dialling the first number on a rotary phone

– releasing a sink plug

– validating your transfer ticket on the bus

– walking through a turnstile


  • Andrea Alexander

    You got the guess again! What is the new sound?