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Maya Lucky Day!

Posted on Oct 1, 2017

Did you hear about Virgin’s new contest starting Monday morning? They’re taking a plane load of listeners (well, winners anyway) to the Mayan Riviera, Mexico. It’s their annual Air Transat holiday giveaway, and I’m so excited!!! Even though the odds are against me and my phone lines suck, I’m going to be dialling my fingers to the bone to try to win this! I NEED A VACATION!!! 😀

Here are some things you might like to know about the trip:

– there are 19 trips to be won (5 this week, 4 the week after Thanksgiving, 5 the following week, and 5 the week after that)

– you must be 19 to win the trip, but your travel companion doesn’t have to be 19 (it’s a family-friendly resort!)

– you must be a resident of BC to win, but if you live in, say, Prince George or on the Island, you have to pay your own way to and from YVR.

– there’s no mention of previous winners or a 30 day waiting period in the rules, which means if you won $2000 on Beat The Bank last week, you’re still eligible to win this. Or let’s say you won $15,000 during September – yup, you can still win! huh. (Though I suspect when you picked up your prize at Bell they made you sign a waiver that said you wouldn’t win anything else for 30 days…)

– the travel dates are January 14 – 21st. Please don’t try to win if you can’t travel on those dates.

– You or your travel companion must hold a valid credit card for checking into the hotel.

– there will be a cue to call at 8:10 each weekday morning (except Oct. 9th) and caller 94 will instantly win the trip.

– the approximate retail value of the trip per winner is $3000, but if you don’t win, you can buy your way in. However, to buy your way in costs $1899 + $402 taxes per person. ($1899 + $402 + $402 = $2703 for 2 people, which is amazing for an all-inclusive resort! Unless they mean $1899 + $402 PER PERSON, which is probably still a good deal but way out of my league!) Related: can I borrow $2703?? Ha!

– the resort is in Cancun, which is on Mexico’s east coast. They were not affected by this year’s hurricanes, and were nowhere near the earthquake regions. All is well and it’s safe to travel there (though taking out some extra travel/medical insurance is always a good idea when travelling to Mexico…)

– you can find more info and enticing pictures here:

(Holy crap, do NOT click on that link if seeing amazing vacation pictures makes you sad! I almost threw up just seeing all the fun things/sunshine/fantastic food/happy families!!!)

In conclusion, with all these great contests going on right now, it’s hard to believe that THIS is the one I want to win the most. Yes, cash is nice. But I would never, EVER go on a vacation like this if I didn’t win it.

And I think I could drink away the guilt associated with leaving my family at home… LOL!