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Saucy ZFX

Posted on Nov 23, 2017

I think I speak for everyone when I say… WTF?

That last ZFX was such a roller coaster ride and in the end it left us all a little bitter. Okay, some of us are a little more bitter than others…

The contest was supposed to end last Friday but the sound was such a stumper, nobody was able to guess it. We had the usual guesses (staplers, paper cutters, punch clocks, etc.) but nothing seemed to fit.

To help us out, they did a Q & A session on Wednesday morning. While it certainly narrowed it down for us, it oddly made things worse! We were befuddled – how could it be a special event and kitchen sound not normally heard in the summer?? It HAD to be something to do with turkey or cranberry sauce – what else would you only have on Thanksgiving and Christmas and never in the summer?

The 11am and 2pm guesses were good, but neither was correct. Even though I wasn’t convinced, my best guess was “removing the turkey from the roasting pan” though I couldn’t fathom Leslie doing that with one hand. I really just wanted to guess wrong so I had more time to think about it! As I frantically dialled for that 5pm play, my husband said to me “guess dumping cranberry sauce out of a can!” and I waved him off with a “shush!”

When this sound first started he said to me “sounds like dumping condensed soup out of a can.” What do you think would have happened if I had gotten through and gave that guess? Would I have won? Or would they have asked me to be more specific? Did it HAVE to be cranberry sauce that was being dumped? Because I’m pretty sure dumping cream of mushroom soup out of a can sounds exactly the same…

Therein lies the problem: there’s too much wiggle room. The very first ZFX this season was “closing a ziplock bag”, so when one of the first guessers said “OPENING a ziplock bag”, it was wrong. Simply saying “ziplock bag” was not sufficient. Granted, they do sound different. Another example was the “lacing up a boot or ice skates”, where “lacing up a shoe” was insufficient. The two are actually quite different, as a shoe doesn’t have those long laces that swoosh when you cross them and loop them around the little posts. But they would’ve accepted “lacing up a boot” as well as “lacing up ice skates,” which seems fair.

However, after months of sounds and 3 days past the contest-end date, they were willing to loosen the ties and just accept “opening a jar of cranberry sauce” instead of “dumping cranberry sauce out of a can into a glass bowl.” Yes, yes, I agree – these are two VERY different things. But Sutto made a judgement call and let the caller win, not realizing how much it would piss us off. His accent lets him get away with more than he otherwise would, but we’re having a hard time with this one.

But let’s face it: we’re all breathing easier and are glad as hell it’s over. We can only hope the future plays will be less specific. Like maybe let’s not specify it has to be cranberry sauce and it could just be “dumping something gel-like out of a can into a glass bowl”…