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December 18 – 22 Schedule

Posted on Dec 18, 2017

Welcome to our first newsletter schedule! Here you will find the weekly schedule of things you can win on the radio in Vancouver.

Since Christmas is next weekend, this is the last week you can win some gifts.

Below is a list of the major prizes on each station. Beyond that, you’ll see the detailed schedule.

Check back later – there are always updates!

And thanks for subscribing – it’s nice to have you here!


Here’s the part where I’ll tell you things that happened or I heard. Sometimes it’ll be blank, and probably sometimes you’ll just skip it and get to the schedule. But in case you feel like reading, here’s what’s happened lately in Annetown:

I haven’t won a damned thing since about last February. If you remember, I cancelled my landline and quit everything. In September I was itching to play again so I got my landline hooked back up. Unfortunately, they hooked up Telus Fibre Optik. I could NOT get through for anything!!! Actually, I got through for ZFX once and had a stupid first guess for one of them. I called them last week and asked if Telus could reinstate my copper lines – they said yes and are coming out on Monday to change the lines! EEK!! Maybe I’ll win some Christmas presents after all!

I had tried sooooo hard to win something – anything – but had no luck at all. Until Friday. I finally won something, and it was with my CELL phone! Ha! I won the JRFM Word of the Day prize, which was movie passes. I had tried all week because my daughter wanted to go as a family to see The Greatest Showman – we had seen the sneak preview together and she loved it so much, she wanted to share it with the whole family. Cute. So we’ll be seeing that during the Christmas break. Thank you JRFM for giving us something to look forward to!

QMFM had an amazing prize last week – a trip to Germany. I couldn’t even get a ring for it. The odds for the draw were 1 in 12 – freaking good odds for a $6000 trip to Germany!!! If only I’d had my copper line then… 😉


The telus guy came over around 12:30 to re-instate the old copper line. I was so excited!!! So of course I tried for the 2pm Bad Santa. I couldn’t get through, but I could just TELL that I was a lot closer than I had been in months. I tried again at the 5pm play and BOOM! I was caller 8, but STILL! Closer than I’ve been in forever. Yes, my line now does a half ring and then I hear “we’re sorry, all lines are busy” or whatever she says. But at least I can hang up and redial immediately. I’m SO happy to have the copper line back! I’m positive I’m going to win the kids some Christmas gifts this week!!! Okay, I’m hopeful if not positive…

You know what’s annoying? Sutto not telling us when the Santa Song is going to play! He told us it would “play again today” but didn’t give us the hour like Ruby and Leslie did. Humph. His transgressions are adding up. He’s on my Naughty List…

When the song played, I rushed to my phone and almost killed myself tripping over one of the dogs. I was waaaaay late. Apparently Emilie answers the calls extremely quickly, so probably by the time I had hit the Redial button (yes, I had it pre-dialled!), she’d already gotten to her caller. Damn it! But Emilie is leaving Zed in January (when Scooter arrives, coincidentally!) so we’ll have a whole new host to figure out! Argh! Hopefully they answer the calls slowly.

***Tuesday Update***

I forgot the Jeff O’Neil Show is away so I missed Bad Santa at 8am. Bah! Luckily there are 3 more chances each day. I didn’t get through at any of those times tho…

Lynch gave away Clinton’s gift at around 9:30 – a Batman prize pack with a tshirt, toque, undies, and whatever else. Sigh…

Sutto told us when the Santa Song will play! Thank you Sutto!! Still no luck for me. I think Emilie has just thrown her hands up in the air and said “FUCK IT!”, taking whatever caller she feels like taking in the moment. She’ll be gone in January so I feel like maybe she’s already let go… haha! Wouldn’t it be fun to just have one last hurrah when you’re about to leave? I hope she goes out with a BANG! LOL!

Feliz Navidad played early on Mon and Tues. If it plays at all on Wednesday, it’ll likely be after noon.

Kiss had Katy Perry tickets and I had the line ringing but I hung up because you had to play a game to win them. Turns out it was an easy game and I totally would’ve won the tickets if I’d gotten to play. Blah. Speaking of Kiss, the guy covering for Matty B kept mentioning contests and then saying “for more information visit” but there’s NO mention of the contests he’s talking about (Katy Perry tickets, Ed Sheeran tickets). Humph. I want Matty back.

Virgin also has Katy Perry tickets so maybe I’ll try there. Also Lorde tickets.

***Wednesday Update***

It looks like He Who Shall Not Be Named read the part about Feliz Navidad playing later in the day and decided to screw with us. Not only did it play in the morning, it played at the same time CFOX did Bad Santa AND when Zed was telling us when the Santa Song would play. Humph. I hope Rudolph poops in the stocking of whoever gave him the password. On the other hand, if he signed up for the newsletter and I delivered the info to him on a silver platter, I only have this to say: (this is a gif. If it doesn’t play automatically, click on it.)

Despite the (purported) attempts to spoil my fun, I did manage to get through for Bad Santa for the 5pm play. I was caller 1 (landline) and caller 4 (cell phone). There are only 8 more chances to win something to put under the tree for hubby and the kids. I literally have nothing to give them for Christmas. I’m not even kidding. But I still won’t try for the 5pm play on Friday – whoever wins that can’t pick it up until AFTER Christmas!

Virgin’s 12 Days contest is over but they have those concert tickets, so that’s nice.

Global still has 3 days of giveaways during the morning news. Watch at 7:20 for the song of the day.

I’m definitely missing some things but I can’t listen to all the stations at once. If you have anything you’d like to contribute, please email me. If you’ve already won from that station, you can’t win again – may as well get some good karma!

***Thursday Update***

What an emotional roller coaster ride today was!! It started off with getting through for Bad Santa – I dialled at the cue, it started ringing, after 3 rings he picked up and said I was caller 9! I was in disbelief not only because he got to caller 9 so quickly, but also because I was on my CELL phone!! Whaaaaaat?! It all happened so fast – suddenly I was opening a present from the ever-growing CFOX tree and after mouth-noise wrapping paper sound effects,  I won the Nintendo 3DS XL console! Notably, they didn’t mention my name on air. In fact, he didn’t ask for my name until after the play was well over and he just needed to take my info.

I was flying high on adrenaline and was thrilled to have won the Nintendo, which I thought for sure would get stolen at the next play. Nope. They didn’t even call to have me on the line during the play. Once I knew I had the prize locked in, I googled it to see what I had won – then I got super excited!! It’s not what I thought it was, it’s way better! My kids will be stoked when they open it!

Which may or may not happen on Christmas Day. I was so excited for my win, I didn’t wait for them to call me to say my prize was ready for pickup. After all, they’d just “unwrapped” it, hadn’t they?? NOPE! I showed up at the Corus reception desk in my elf costume, rosy-cheeked from a 2-barley-sandwich lunch, only to be told they didn’t have the Nintendo. It hadn’t arrived from Amazon yet. Uhhhhh… what?? Not arrived?? So let me get this straight: I’m not going to be giving it to my kids for Christmas? Because their offices close at NOON tomorrow, and they won’t open again until after Christmas. Well fuck me. I threw my hands in the air and did a pathetic moon walk out of their offices.

But all was not lost! I still had a chance to win presents with the Santa Song, playing between 4 and 5! I sat at my desk at 3:55, fingers poised, radio turned up enough to hear it but not so loud that I couldn’t hear my phones’ busy signals. I waited. When the Merry Christmas ad came on, I knew the song would follow. I was dialling before the first note of Jingle Bell Rock hit the airwaves! I knew Emilie would have her caller already – even if she WAS taking caller 9 (which she hasn’t been doing!) All for naught. I didn’t even get a ring. I won’t waste my time tomorrow if it’s playing during Emilie’s show.

So here I sit, waiting for Feliz Navidad to play, knowing full well I won’t even get a ring when it does. IF it does.

I was up. I was down. I was hopeful. I was deflated. It’s been an emotional day. It’s time to start rooting around for something to sell so I can buy a Christmas gift for the kids…

***Friday Update***

With no Bad Santa to play, I listened for the Santa Song info at 8 and then spent the morning baking gingerbread cookies as I waited for CFOX to call. One of the ladies at their office had told me to call in the morning because “maybe it’ll come with the morning mail.” I waited until 11am to call, hoping they’d call me first.

As I sat at my desk waiting for the Santa Song to play, gingerbread in my hand, I called the switchboard. Nope! “If the girl hadn’t called you to say it’s in, it’s not in. Sorry.” BAH! I foolishly tried to get through for the Santa Song (HAH!) and immediately after it was over, fell into a funk on the couch. I sat there unsubscribing from a bunch of newsletters (I had over 1000 messages in my Junk box – how does that happen?!?!) all the while lamenting at my shitty luck and lack of planning.

“You should’ve seen this coming and bought presents throughout the year and hid them away!” I scolded myself. Unsuscribe.

“You shouldn’t have waited so long to get your landline hooked up again,” was my next complaint. “If you hadn’t cancelled it in the first place, you wouldn’t have had the Fibre Optik issue!” I chided. Unsubscribe.

“Well at least they’ll get something AFTER Christmas,” I comforted myself. “And a lean Christmas will build character!” Unsubscribe.

Ring ring, said my phone. GASP! It was CFOX! EEK! She said she’d called to tell me it hadn’t arrived and “we’re so sorry,” and “our offices are open next Wednesday – Friday.” My heart sank.  I said “that’s okay. Have a nice Christmas.” I was about to hang up when she said “oh wait, hold up. What’s this little package? I see something here…” My hopes rose. “Oop! Let’s reverse that. Your package IS in!”

“I’ll be there in 20 minutes!” I blurted as I jumped up from the couch. “GET YOUR PANTS ON!” I yelled to hubby, who was at his computer in the bedroom. “I HAVE my pants on!” he rebutted. I threw on my elf suit and we rushed off to the downtown core again, both of us excited to see this cool gift the kids are getting. As I raced down the sidewalk on Georgia, faces lit up when they saw my funny elf suit and jingling santa hat. I smiled and waved and yelled Merry Christmas, grinning like a fool at passing strangers. If anyone mocked me or laughed at me, I have no idea – I was blinded by joy!

It’s funny how a simple little phone call can turn your whole day around…

Riding that high, I hid the gift in the basement and headed out to pick up the kids from school. Before I left I heard 101 say they’d be playing the song “soon.” Well of course they’d play it while I was out. Of course. But I didn’t care – that Nintendo was the only thing that mattered to me today.

When I got home at 4pm (my kids play in the park after school on sunny days) and sat down to kick my boots off, Feliz Navidad came on the radio. I bounded for the phone and hit redial for the last two minutes of the song – I needed to limber up my fingers which had frozen at the park after the sun went behind the trees! It turned out to be Feliz NaviDUD – neither of us even got a ring. But it was exciting to get a chance to dial, and now we can relax for the rest of the season knowing there won’t be much to play for.

And that’s that. It’s over. The run of good things to win has died and the cold, cold draught has begun. Things aren’t likely to pick up again until January 8th. Maybe not even then – last year we were into February before anything really kick-ass came along! So settle in for a cozy break – eat, drink, be merry. I will send out a Merry Christmas newsletter but other than that, you probably won’t hear from me again until next year. Próspero Año Nuevo!

Major contests this week:

JRFM: $100 with the Christmas Song, plays multiple times per day. Song is listed on their website.

Peak: Christmas gifts with the morning show

Virgin: Katy Perry tix and Lorde tix

Z95.3: Song of the day = $500 to Metrotown

Jack: Santa’s Sack of Crap – not giving this one the time of day!

CFOX: Bad Santa – sad gifts this year

Rock 101: Feliz Navidad = trip to Mexico

LG: Steve Miller Band with Peter Frampton tickets – text in the secret word when they tell you to

Kiss: Home for Christmas

Sportsnet: Canucks tickets



5:40 – JRFM, Secret Word (4 passes to Concord’s New Year’s Eve party)

6 – 10 – Peak, How the Lynch Stole Christmas

6:00 – Jack, possibly tickets to The Eagles but not sure

6:10 – Breakfast Television, Xmas gift

7 – 9 – JRFM, Secret Word is said (tickets to Boots & Babes Ball)

7:10 – Breakfast Television, Xmas gift

7:10 – Virgin, tix to Lorde

7:30 – Rock 101, Grand IQ Test

7:35 – QMFM, $1000 Minute

8:00 – Z95.3, song of the day announced

8:05 – Kiss, Not So Secret Word (tix to Ed Sheeran in Seattle)

8:10 – Breakfast Television, Xmas gift

8:30 – CFOX, Bad Santa

8:30 – Virgin, tix to Katy Perry

10 – 2 – Kiss, Katy Perry tickets

11:00 – CFOX, Bad Santa

12 – 1 – CFOX, 90’s at Noon (?)

12 – 1 – Rock 101, Rock Trivia (?)

12:15 – Peak, Rock Bite (?)

1 – 4 – Sportsnet, tickets to WWE Live

2 – 6 – Rock 101, passes to Game of Thrones Live Experience

2:00 – CFOX, Bad Santa

2:30 – Virgin, tix to Katy Perry

3:10 – Virgin, tix to Lorde

4 – 5 – JRFM, U-Turn (4 tickets to Concord’s New Years Eve party)

4:45 – CFOX, This is Our World (tix to Shinedown in Abbotsford)

5:00 – CFOX, Bad Santa

6:30 – Jack, Cirque on Ice tickets

7:10 – Virgin, tix to Lorde

8:00 – Z95.3, ?

As always, best of luck!