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Post Christmas Post

Posted on Dec 26, 2017

Merry Christmas everyone!

(If that offends you, then I’m offended you’re offended.)


Our Christmas was pretty low key with just the four of us. The Nintendo game was the best present and the kids are excited even though it didn’t come with a power cord and they have to wait until Boxing Day to play it. Most of our gifts were dollar store purchases, except for the $10 hand mixer from Canadian Tire (it was on my wish list!) I remember being really bummed out last year about our shitty gifts, but this year it didn’t matter at all. This year was all about togetherness – losing our friend in May made me re-evaluate everything and nothing matters but family. We played games, ate chocolate, and laughed ourselves silly. Best. Christmas. EVER!

However you spend the next week or two, I’m certain you will enjoy this break from contests. There is a whole lot of nothin’ going on! Even JRFM’s Secret word doesn’t come back until January. *gasp*

Most shows are off until at least January 2nd, and some don’t return until the 8th. The kids go back to school on the 8th so I’ll only be listening part-time until then. Last year the most notable things we had in January were JRFM’s 1K A Day, Zed’s Whose Song is it Anyway?, Virgin had a Punta Cana trip, and Kiss had a trip to LA for the Grammys. Which of these will be back this year?

Things were pretty low key until about the end of February when we were hit with Beat the Bank, Beat Your Bills, CFOX’s Payday, ZFX, and Peak’s Artist of the Day. It wasn’t until March when Rock 101 started their Cash or Cars game.

While there’s dick all to win on air this week (as far as I can tell), you can still enter to win these online:


An all-inclusive trip to Mexico. Enter here before Thursday (despite the 2:00am time noted on the contest site! The Official Rules say the contest runs until 11:59pm Thursday the 28th, but the draw takes place at 6:00am that morning, so… ? Just enter before Thursday to be on the safe side.) Your travelling companion must be 19 or over to go with you, even though their contest page says it’s for families too.

Enter here to win a trip to see P!nk in concert in Chicago. Contest ends at midnight on the 29th (EST, which is 9:00 pm our time), and is open to all Canadian residents. There will be a shit-ton of entries, but hey, the only person who doesn’t stand a chance of winning is the one who doesn’t enter!


Log in here and enter to win your way into An Evening with SYML at The Culch.

Keep entering on Social Media to win a 4 pack of lift passes PLUS rentals! This is an amazing prize with suuuuuper easy entry. And if you check out the #PEAKSeymour you will see there isn’t that much competition – go enter!!


If you are a member of their Jack Pack, you can log in and enter to win Rod Stewart tickets, WWE Live tickets, or movie passes.

Speaking of Jack, here’s some advice for them in case anyone’s listening: you’ve already got Larry half way in the door, why not just open it all the way and give him the morning show?! THAT is the only thing that will bring me back to Jack. Larry and Kuss is something I could get on board with… otherwise, I just can’t listen except from noon to 1pm.


I hope to hear of some giveaways this week, maybe Boxing Day but more likely Wednesday. Check back later!

P.S. There were a bunch of updates last week – did you see them all? Each day I added an update to let you know if anything interesting had happened. I’ll do the same for all the schedules. If there’s no update, nothing happened.