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Jan 14th

Posted on Jan 14, 2018



Last week I did daily updates on Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday. By Thursday there wasn’t much to share, and Friday I was out all day. This week will likely be the same (updates early in the week for sure, end of the week updates may or may not happen.)

Rock 101 played Viva Las Vegas on the first day and the fourth day of the contest. On Monday it played at 4:19, and on Thursday it played at 8am. For full details on the contest, see last week’s schedule under the Monday Update heading.

CFOX played Vegas Baby, Vegas on Tuesday at 11:25, but I don’t know if they played it again last week. Did anyone hear it? For details about this contest, see last week’s Tuesday Update.

The names called on Beat Your Bills last week are:

Vicky Conn, Alyssa Wallace, Karen Inglis, Kirstie Abraham, Frenz Leo Catibog, Gastin Bilargian, Amanda Chypak, Paul Andoy, Karen Forseal, Mary Harrison, Bonnie Johnston, Shannon Caddock, Doug Kim, Chris Mullen, and Christina Klassen.


New This Week:


Monday the 15th is Blue Monday – the saddest day of the year apparently. To brighten your day, JRFM is giving away a trip to Mexico! YAAASSS!! Here’s the deal: Graeme will be standing on an overpass somewhere in the lower mainland between 6am and 9am Monday morning. Listen to JRFM at 6am to find out where he is. If you join him there, you can get your name into the draw for the trip. But there’s a bit of a catch: you have to be wearing a swim suit. Now, I don’t know how much of a stickler Graeme is, but I’d be showing up in a onesie with a bathing suit thrown overtop because it’s going to be c-c-c-cold out there! If they say no, you have to be only in your bathing suit, go back to the car and change. No biggie. Worth a shot tho! Knowing JRFM, the overpass will be somewhere far away from me – Langley, Abbotsford, New Westminster – so NO, I won’t be joining you. But if you go, please post pics or videos!

About the trip: the vouchers are good until October 31st. There are blackout dates. Must be booked 4 weeks prior to travel. The trip is all-inclusive but doesn’t include taxes (this can be costly!) It’s an adults-only resort right on the beach in Puerto Vallarta.

Also on JRFM, listen to find out where Jewel is hiding. If you find her, you could win tournament passes to the HSBC Canada Sevens Tournament. The first person to find her and say “I found Jewel for Rugby tickets!” wins the passes.

Text JUSTIN to 10456 and you’re in to win a trip to see Justin Timberlake in Memphis, Tennessee. Contest ends Jan 21st and is open to all residents of Ontario, Alberta, and BC. The concert is on May 30th so you must be able to travel May 29-31. Winner will be selected in Toronto on Jan 22nd. Enter as often as you like and maybe Kiss will call you on the morning of the 22nd!

QMFM has a trip to Victoria. this includes 2 nights at the Fairmont Empress (check out the haunted wing!!), afternoon tea, and return ferry. It’s not Mexico or Vegas, but it’s pretty SWEET! Go enter HERE.

Jack has announced their annual Football Party at the River Rock. Don’t Care. We went last year and it was okay, but I wouldn’t pay $33 for tickets. I wouldn’t mind getting a chance to meet Paul and Kuss in person, but it’s a bit silly to include “a meet & greet with Paul and Kuss” as a draw. The big screen, buffet table, and prizes are the draw. You can enter to win tickets via your Jack Pack HERE.

Also on Jack you can enter via Jack Pack for tickets to see the VSO performing Beatles tunes. Interesting.




Sportsnet is taking folks to the February 24th Canucks game – IN VEGAS!!! Stay at New York New York for 3 nights, take in a Canucks game, and get a tour of the strip. If you’re free to travel Feb 22 – 25 and are over 21, go register at Sportsnet and enter the contest HERE. There are 5 trips to be won and 4 draws left: Jan 19th, 26th, Feb 2nd, and Feb 9th. One entry per person. Must live within listening range of the station to be eligible to win. ***NOTE*** I signed into my Sportsnet account but couldn’t figure out how to officially “enter” the contest. There was no “enter here” link. This turned out to be a browser issue – I wasn’t able to access the entry form from my cell phone or my tablet or my old computer. I had to use a more up-to-date computer to see the entry form. If you are having problems, borrow a computer!

Sportsnet also has Canucks tickets on home game days. Listen to their morning show (650 on the AM dial) from 5:30-9 for the cue to call (ticket window opening) and be caller 6 at 604-280-0650 to win tickets to that night’s game.

Peak’s Modern Rock Scholarship continues this week – tickets to every Lower Mainland show presented by Peak, and also all the Peak Lounge performances in 2018. NICE!!! Listen for the cue to call at 7am, 11am, 2pm, and 7pm. If you answer the rock trivia question correctly, you get your name into the Jan 19th draw. If you get it wrong, they’ll take the next caller. If after 3 callers they don’t have a winner, the game will end until the next cue to call. This works out great for those in the draw – better odds if less people are vying for the gold! If there’s a winner every time, there will be 39 people in the draw.

JRFM is giving away $2018 on January 31st at 8:10am. To enter, simply download the JRFM app and click on the 2018 tab.

Beat Your Bills continues. Thank you to those who have been helping me catch the 3:10 names!

Apply on Z95.3’s website to win a row of seats for Katy Perry. Winner will be chosen on Jan 22nd.

Log in on LG and enter to win lunch for your office supplied by The chopped Leaf. Looks yummy! They’ll choose one winner per month.

Kiss has a trip to the Grammys in New York. NEW YORK!!! Text GRAMMY to 10456. This contest is being run in Ontario, Alberta, and BC, so your odds aren’t great but go for it anyway. Enter before the 21st. The trip takes place Jan 26th – 29th. Must have a valid passport and be able to enter the US. Enter as many times as you like.

QMFM has a Motown prize and a Boat Show prize, both ending tonight (Sunday the 14th at midnight.) Enter directly on their site’s contest page HERE.

Just for fun, I like to guess which days the Vegas trips will happen. It’s simply a shot in the dark so don’t arrange your day around it. My guesses for this week are:

Rock 101: Tuesday 10am – 2pm and Friday 6am – 10am.

CFOX: Monday 6am – 10am and Thursday 2pm – 6pm.

Major contests this week:


JRFM: $2018 on the app, Blue Monday, and Jewel around town

Peak: Rock Scholarship

Virgin: Beat Your Bills

QMFM: trip to Victoria

Z95.3: win a row of seats to Katy Perry’s concert or a wedding

Jack: football party

CFOX: trips to Vegas

Rock 101: Viva Rock Vegas

LG: $300 for Dine Out Vancouver

Kiss: trip to see JT in Tennessee, trip to NY for Grammys

Sportsnet: Vegas fly-away




Monday updates:


Congrats to Lauren Huff who won the trip on JRFM! And a shout-out to the 40 or so folks who braved the weather and showed up in their bathing suits at the Willingdon overpass. Not a huge turnout so great odds for the trip. I wonder how many more people would’ve shown up if they’d given us the location the day before…

Log in at CFOX HERE to enter to win a go-karting prize for you and 7 friends, including passes to the Auto Show and $100 gas card.

Speaking of CFOX, they told us around 2:45 they’d be playing the Vegas cue “before 4.” Just before 4pm, Jeremy said he’d be playing it just AFTER 4. Huh. He finally played it around 4:25. Ugh. I know I can’t win but I wanted to try just for shits ‘n’ giggles. Here’s how it went: cue happens, I hit redial (I already had the number cued up), busy, I hit redial again, ringing!!! I estimated I’d be caller 7. Nope. It was never answered. I hung up when I heard him talking to the winner about 2 minutes later. Oh well. I had guessed the right day, just the wrong time.

Rock 101 didn’t play Viva Las Vegas on Monday. The chances of winning it are so slim, and some people can’t travel in the middle of the week, so maybe you’d rather try to win the things available on their contests page HERE? You can try for a mini fridge full of beer for game day, or tickets to Santana, Big Wreck, or Steven Wright.

QMFM and Virgin both have vacations to give away. Enter online at QMFM HERE by nominating someone in your life, and enter online at Virgin HERE before midnight on Thursday.

Also on Virgin, enter HERE to win a BC Ferries trip to the central coast.

Peak has Mt. Seymour lift and rental passes at about 5pm.

Z95.3 is giving away a wedding! It sounds amazing and will include everything except the spouse. It’ll take place on Grouse Mountain and will include limo, helicopter, rings, and a night in a 4 star hotel. The best part is that it’s a surprise! I advise you to only enter if you’re already engaged – that would be a horrible time to find out the DON’T want to marry you!! If you’ve got someone in mind, go enter HERE.

The names called on Beat Your Bills were: Amanda Diganosa, Marissa Dzidzik, and Lisa Wiedman.


Tuesday Update:


Rock 101 played Viva Las Vegas today at 11:17.

Let’s recap:

Rock 101 played the song at 4:19 on Monday. CFOX played the cue at 4:22 on the following Monday.

101 played the song Tuesday morning at 11:17. CFOX played the cue the previous Tuesday morning around 11:25.

Rock 101 played the song at 8am Thursday morning. Will CFOX play their cue Thursday or Friday morning? I’d bet YES.

CFOX played the cue last Thursday too, but I don’t know what time. Whatever time that was, maybe 101 will play the song at that time this week? I’d guess Friday afternoon.

Beat Your Bills names called were: Samantha Bozek, Michael Carnegie, and Aubrey Kinoto.


Wednesday Update


Our power went out at 7:30am and didn’t come back on until 9. I missed all the morning shows, but I did manage to catch the Beat Your Bills name on the portable. The rest of the day was a write off. Did I miss anything??


Thursday Update


CFOX played their cue at 8:08 this morning after many hints. It’s certainly no mystery when they’re going to play it – if you’re listening, they’ll tell you! Rock 101 also drops hints, and will even put up a FB post to say it’s about to happen. I am going to listen EARLY tomorrow morning – like, 6:30am early – because sometimes they do it around 7am (not so much with this one but with previous “listen for the song” contests.) If Willy doesn’t play it, my guess is it’ll play in the afternoon around 5. Either way, I’ll be listening. Fingers crossed!!




5:30 – 9 – TSN, ?

5:30 – 9 – Sportsnet, Canucks tickets (caller 6 at 604-280-0650 on home game days)

5:40 – JRFM, Secret Word (Giggle Dam passes or Boots and Babes tickets)

6:45 – CFOX, Stump The Show (tickets to Queens of the Stone Age)

7 – 9 – JRFM, Secret Word is said (Giggle Dam passes or Boots and Babes tickets)

7:00 – Peak, Rock Scholarship trivia

7:05 – QMFM, ?

7:30 – Rock 101, Grand IQ Test

7:35 – QMFM, $1000 Minute

8:05 – Kiss, Not So Secret Word (Dine Out Vancouver passes)

8:10 – Virgin, Beat Your Bills name

11:00 – Peak, Rock Scholarship trivia

11:10 – Virgin, Beat Your Bills name

12 – 1 – CFOX, 90’s at Noon (4 passes to Boat Show)

12 – 1 – Rock 101, Rock Trivia (tix to David Byrne)

12:15 – Peak, Rock Bite (tix to The Neighbourhood at Vogue)

1 – 4 – Sportsnet, Password

2 – 6 – Rock 101, Peter Frampton tickets

2:00 – Peak, Rock Scholarship trivia

3:10 – Virgin, Beat Your Bills name

4 – 5 – JRFM, U-Turn ($50 to Johnston’s Meats)

4:05 – QMFM, ?

4:45 – CFOX, This is Our World (?)

5:00 – Peak, Mt Seymour lift and rental passes

7:00 – Peak, Rock Scholarship trivia

8:00 – Kiss, ?

8:00 – Z95.3, ?

As always, best of luck!