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Beer and Loafing in Las Vegas

Posted on Feb 16, 2018


Kim turned on the hallway light and pushed her way into their hotel room. She plopped down on the queen bed closest to the window and kicked off her shoes. Anne tossed her bag onto the other queen bed and did the same. The Tropicana wasn’t fancy, but it was free and clean enough for two nights!

It was 12:30 and the two ladies had been up since well before dawn. They and 40 other people from Vancouver were in Vegas for a free trip which included taking in a Canucks game on the second night. There were no planned activities for this first day so they discussed what to do while they unpacked their bags. They both loved Vegas and were excited about all the things they could do. While they liked different things – Kim liked to play the slots while Anne preferred to read a book by the pool – there were some things they would like to do together, like walking the strip and watching people. The people in Vegas were so free and unabashedly real, silently giving these two license to let their freak flags fly too. You could get away with wearing anything in Vegas – nobody cared. It was awesome!

“I’ll be right back!” Anne told Kim as she ran out the door. Thirty minutes later she came back with a bottle of gin, six cans of tonic, and a bag of Doritos. “These ain’t no Lady Doritos,” she laughed as she tossed them at Kim, who had propped herself up in bed and turned on the tv. “Let’s make crunching noises and lick our fingers,” Anne said conspiratorially as she cracked open the gin and poured them each a drink.

“Where did you get this stuff?” asked Kim as she took a sip of her refreshment.

“I just ran over to the Walgreens over at MGM across the street,” Anne replied. They both knew what “across the street” meant in Vegas – a 15 minute hike down the strip and over an overpass. The blocks in Vegas were not your ordinary city blocks, they were long and complicated and full of entertainment.

And hot. Usually. But it was mid March and the temperatures were reasonable. It was midday and it was a comfortable 20 degrees outside. Most of the pools in Vegas were still closed for the season, opening sometime in April. But Anne knew there was an open pool at the Excalibur across the street – they had four pools and one of them was open year round. They also had an amazing spa which outsiders could use if they paid $30. That included the sauna, hot tub, showers with scented shampoos, and a vanity area complete with lotions, creams, conditioners, and hair stuff. It was the perfect place to get ready for an evening out after spending a few hours poolside.

When Kim had invited Anne on the trip, Anne bought them tickets to a show as a thank you. They would be going out to Harrah’s to see Menopause the Musical, and Anne had bought them each panty liners because she heard it was pee-yourself-funny. It didn’t take much for Anne to wet her drawers – any jumping or heavy laughing would have her running back to her room to change! And Harrah’s was way too far up the strip for her to be coming back for a quick change. No, she would go prepared, armed with a few extra pads just in case it was as funny as everyone claimed.

Anne downed her G&T and changed into her bathing suit. She threw her book, cell phone, sun glasses, a bottle of water, the room key, and a left over bag of peanuts into a bag, then pulled her scrunchy dress overtop her suit and toed her flip flops on. “I’m off! See you later?” she said brightly to Kim, who was pouring herself another drink without getting up.

“Okay. Should we meet here and go for dinner before the show?” she asked. “Sounds good. I’ll be back at 5,” Anne replied as she walked out the door.

At 4:55 Anne put the key card into the slot in their door. She heard the tv and expected to find Kim in the exact same position as when she left. Instead she found Kim sitting on the floor playing with Legos. “What? Where did you get those?” Anne asked incredulously.

“From my suitcase,” Kim sang as she grinned up at her. “SWEET!” Anne squealed as she tossed her bag on the bed, kicked off her flip flops and dropped to the floor. “Can I build something?” she asked excitedly. “Sure! Here, you can use these!” Kim laughed as she handed Anne another box from behind her. The two giggled as they craftily made their own designs. Anne built a house and Kim built a Star Wars star destroyer. Anne looked at hers, then looked at Kim’s and threw her hands up in the air. “You win!” she huffed as she got up to get a drink.

By 6pm the two were on their way. They decided to walk up the strip and find a place to eat along the way. Anne knew there was a great Mexican spot just up by the MGM, near the Ross Dress For Less store. They had a good daily special which included Corona – Anne’s favourite – so the two headed for there, agreeing that if they saw someplace else they could change their plan.

When they had finished their tacos and downed their Coronas, the ladies decided it was too far to walk to Harrah’s. Getting a cab on the strip was impossible without walking around to the hotel entrances, so they hopped on a city bus which stopped right outside the restaurant. There was a ticket machine on the bus so they paid for two tickets and Kim sat on an empty seat beside an Elvis. She smiled at him and he turned away, looking out the window. Fat Elvis was miserable, apparently. Kim and Anne smiled and shrugged at each other. Anne stayed standing so she could see when they had to get off the bus. They watched the opulent and grandiose buildings whiz by, happening to catch the fountains at the Bellagio just as the show was in full spray. Beautiful!

Once in Harrah’s, they had some time to spare before the show started. They grabbed a drink from the bar and searched for some penny slots to play while they drank. The lights and flashing were so enticing, Anne uncharacteristically inserted a $20 USD into a machine. Kim raised her eyebrows at her and sat at the adjacent machine. She put in a $10 bill and the two poked at the Play button until it was time to get seated.

“One more spin,” Kim said dejectedly. Suddenly there were bells and whistles and a siren flashing and people crowded around them. They looked at each other agape and sat frozen, wondering what was happening. “You WON! You won the jackpot!” screamed a woman beside them. Strangers shook her shoulders with excitement, some people shook her hand while others rubbed themselves up against her, hoping her luck would rub off on them. Kim was in shock. She stuttered, “what did I win??” The reply was so incredulous she had to ask them to repeat it: “ten thousand dollars!”

Anne and Kim jumped up and down, screaming. They whooped and hollered and laughed and spilled their drinks. With every bounce and titter, Anne wet her pants a little more. But she didn’t care – Kim had won ten thousand dollars!! That was incredible!

The staff and security escorted Kim to the cashiers, and as she passed by people held out their hands hoping she would touch them for good luck. She was given a voucher with which she could collect her winnings when she was ready to leave – she didn’t want to be carrying around that much cash. Kim tucked the voucher into the only place she knew it would be safe – her bra! Her spanx bodysuit would ensure it stayed put until the end of the show.

Before they got seated, Anne had to make a run to the washroom – she needed to change her pad because of all the excitement. When she returned to her seat, Kim was engaged in a lively conversation with the man next to her, a handsome gentlemen who had brought his mother to the show. Anne kept quiet, not wanting to interrupt the possibility of a budding romance or weekend fling. After all, if Kim had a choice between a date and a girl’s night, Anne hoped Kim would choose the date!

They could hang out in their Star Wars pyjamas and build Lego stuff anytime…