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LINKed in

Posted on Mar 30, 2018

The ratings race is brutal, with each station trying to outdo the other in captivating and innovative contests, the ultimate goal of which is to woo listeners to their stations. If the contest sucks, it doesn’t look good and it is not revisited.

But it’s a fine balance – they have a limited budget so they do what they can within that. We know the big-money stations give away money hand over fist – ROCK 101, QMFM, Virgin – they can easily give out $1,000 per day without batting an eye. Even Peak, a mid-level station with mediocre budget, is giving out $1,000 per day now. They started weeks later than others but they are certainly putting their money where their mouth is…

Other stations have to be a little more creative. Some of them have knocked it out of the park (kudos Z95.3!) but others have been sucking (eg. Jack!) We have seen a plethora of fantastic new contests over the past few years and I always try to view new games with an open mind.

In March 2018, JRFM tried out a new game: The Link. It’s been a few weeks now and here’s been my reaction:

When it was first announced: skeptical

Day 1: okay, I’ll try it.

Day 2: blech.


Day 3: Nope!

Day 4: it’s in my face.

Day 5: okay, I’ll try it again, but I know I won’t like it.

Week 2: holy crap, this is awesome!

Week 3: *bathing in it*