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Comings and Goings

Posted on Jul 2, 2018

Changes have happened. Did you notice? Here’s the lowdown from

Jack’s morning show is changing! Yaay! Kuss has left Jack and will be starting at News 1130 as the afternoon’s live meteorologist on July 9th. He stayed with Rogers, which is nice, and stuck with radio. It suits him, I think. It feels like a lateral move. Was it his choice or theirs? Hmmmm… there’s been a bit of a shake-up with the ratings this time, but Jack seems to have risen above Zed (or Zed has dropped below Jack?) Even with that, Jack’s ratings are sad – they needed a change.

Jack’s new morning show will be Charis Hogg (pronounced Shareese) who was part of CFOX’s morning show from 2004-2010. Her partner will be Jeff Brown, who is moving over from a Calgary station. They will start at Jack in August. It doesn’t look like Paul Brown will be part of that show, though I can’t find any information to deny nor confirm it. His own website doesn’t even list his Jack Vancouver stint, but his Twitter handle still says “PaulOnJACK” – he hasn’t tweeted or retweeted since February, and a picture of him tweeted by Jack on June 1st shows a gaunt Paul. Hopefully he isn’t suffering a health crisis and is simply losing weight because of a rigorous stand-up comedy schedule…

Also on the Rogers front, Kyle is leaving Breakfast Television after 12 years and moving over to City News at Six. He will do well – I’ve always enjoyed watching Kyle on BT. He’s poised yet friendly, serious when he needs to be and funny when it’s appropriate. He’s relatable and I love listening to his voice. His replacement, Mary Cranston, will be reading the news with Greg Harper. Good grief. I hope SHE does more of the reading than Greg – I literally have to mute the tv when Greg is on. He’s a super nice guy, but he reads the news like a 5th grader reading the end-of-school-day announcements. It’s torture, seemingly for him as well as me!

Another one who has taken the fall onto their sword is Bro Jake – he has left the TSN morning show and will host a four hour show on Saturdays. He has been at TSN for five years (geez, that went by fast!) and before that he was at Rock 101 for 17 years. He was shown the door when their ratings sunk lower than Shawty and as soon as they brought in Willy, they shot to the top ranks! It’s proof positive that your morning show is the station’s bread and butter.

That said, I’m very worried about what’s going on over at Zed. I heard whispers about possible changes there too, thanks to their new, all-time low ratings. I haven’t listened to much radio in the past month, but when I do, it’s not usually Zed anymore. While I still like them as a station – their energy, vibe, music, etc. – I am rarely in the mood for it. More and more I find myself tuning in to CBC radio in my car and listening to classical music! It makes me a less agressive driver, to be honest. LOL!

Anyway, that’s all I know about thus far. If I hear anything else, I’ll let you know. I’ll get back to the newsletters before the end of the summer, but for now I’m just enjoying the break from contests. Even CFOX’s upcoming Mexico trips aren’t enticing enough – a whopping two trips spanning a whole month? No thanks, I’ve got some summer loafing to do. 😏

Ooooh, and I’ve got a new saucy novel coming out soon! Not the sexy one I was telling you about earlier. This one is the true story of some sleuthing I’ve been doing, and the sleazy reasons for it! It’ll be a fun romp, I promise! 😁