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Contester’s Poem

Posted on Aug 10, 2018

Sitting on my bum

Until it’s numb

Waiting for the cue

It’s late, but what’re you gonna do

Fingers poised above the quick dial

Been here a while

Waiting for the song to end

And then

Hit redial with hope

But another song comes, so nope

Back to waiting

Hope is waning

Kids are screaming

But I keep dreaming

Winning is the lure

Free tickets are the cure

For the summertime blues

Or my shit I will lose

The kids trampling my patience

Their will stronger than my endurance

Keeping them off screens

Is harder than it seems

Playland passes are a saviour

In curbing bad behaviour

But this intense heat of day

Keeps outdoor activities at bay

The cell’s battery is hot

But sleep it cannot

Because the cue will come

When I let down my guard

So with numb bum

I await my reward