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Monday Aug 6th

Posted on Aug 6, 2018



Did you win JayBey tickets last week? Me neither. I tried and tried and tried. No luck. Ah well, maybe there’s something better coming down the pipe. They were giving away Playland tickets this weekend and I didn’t even try to win them because I have severe FOMO right now – what if they’ve got some WICKED prizes coming up?? What if it’s concert tickets? Or a trip? EEK! And with their “once every 30 days from any Bell station” rule, I have to choose my wins carefully. I do it SO carefully, in fact, that often I don’t win anything from either one for a whole year! Ha ha!

Last week Rock 101 had tickets to Alice Cooper and also Rock Ambleside. I would’ve gladly taken either one of those. They will have more Ambleside tickets before the festival weekend (Aug 17-19) so I will not be trying to win anything else on 101 before then – I desperately want to go to Rock Ambleside!


New This Week:


Starting on Tuesday, listen to LG for back to back Billy Joel songs. When you hear them, be the 10th caller and you will qualify for a trip to NYC to see BJ at Madison Square Garden. Trip includes airfare, 3 nights hotel, and $500 cash. SWEET!! They are taking qualifiers this week and next week, which means I can try getting into the draw all next week! Winner announced on Friday the 17th.

Another fun contest by Newcap is Ruby’s Cash Car – apply online to have Ruby pick you up in her Toyota C-HR and if she does, she’ll ask you some trivia questions. With every correct answer, you get cash! Fun! It *might* be recorded, but at least you won’t suffer the stage fright we get when we’re on the radio. It’s probably not a ton of money, but it’d be fun. Enter HERE.

Luke Bryan tickets still on JRFM once per day. You can log in HERE to find out the exact times the cue will play.


Online Entry:

Instead of putting in the links for individual contests, I’m only going to put in a link to that station’s contest page. I’ll tell you what’s there so you don’t have to waste your time looking though.

JRFM – Keith Urban tickets; Langley RibFest prize pack; Forever Yours Lingerie shopping spree; Colter Wall at The Commodore;

Peak – tickets to Houndmouth; The Best Summer Day prize (Bard on the Beach tickets); Science World After Dark passes; PNE admission and ride passes; $2500 Red Academy Scholarship;


Jack –  Lost 80’s Summer Night PNE concert prize pack; BBQ; PNE Prize Home Starter Kit;

Rock 101 – Simple Minds tickets; Vancouver Canadians BBQ Picnic in the Park passes; PNE gate and ride passes; Steve Earle tickets; PNE tickets and ride passes; Grand IQ Test and Muggings.

CFOX – Vancouver Canadians BBQ Picnic in the Park passes; monthly Acts of Kindness by JOS

Virgin – Safe & Sound Music Fest passes; iHeart MMVA’s trip to Toronto;

QMFM –  meet & greet with Boys II Men at PNE Summer Concert; tickets to Artists for Conservation Festival and Grand Opening Reception; Live Broadcast from the PNE prize home;

LG – register for Caught You Listening;

Z95.3 – register for Caught You Listening; apply for Ruby’s Cash Car; scholarship to Sprott Shaw College;


Sportsnet – golf getaway to Sandpiper Resort;




OMG, this is fun: CKNW is playing “In the Know for Mexico” starting Tuesday morning!! Remember this game?? They did this a while back. They play a clip of celebrities saying the phrase “I’m in the know for Mexico, ole!” – each celebrity only says one word – and you have to identify each one IN ORDER. It’s tough, but it CAN be done! You have to keep track of all the names guessed so you can decipher which ones are correct – if I remember correctly, they’ll tell you how many are right but they won’t say which ones those are… I will try to keep track, but as I’m in and out with the kids, it’ll be hard.

Some things to note: it doesn’t say how many prizes there are, so even though it runs until Aug 31st, they may cancel it as soon as someone wins. I seem to recall it being won quickly the last time. It’s a $5000 prize at an all-inclusive, so I wouldn’t be surprised if they only had one. Also, you can only play once within a 24 hour period – if you got through at 8am to guess, you can’t play again until 8 the next day. And you can’t have won anything over $100 from that station in the past 30 days.

I keep forgetting to include the Kiss fly-away contests in the schedule. It may be because they’re open to all residents of three provinces so the odds are astronomical. However, it’s definitely worth a mention, especially since this week’s fly-away is to Boston to see Maroon 5! I’ve always wanted to see Boston. And Maroon 5. So listen for the code word four times each day, and twice on Saturday and Sunday, and text it to 10456. I’ve sent in a few but obviously I haven’t won or you would’ve heard the screech from your house…

TSN has advance screening passes to Mile 22, Mark Wahlberg’s newest film. Listen to the morning show to win.

And finally, I forgot to give a shout-out to may favourite radio-turned-tv-host, Tara Jean Stevens! She quit her job at Breakfast Television to spend quality time with her family. I completely understand this, and applaud her bravery. It’s not easy to leave your dream job, but what’s worse is watching the kids grow up and not having time to savour the moments. She will have time to do great things when they’ve grown up – these young years are SO precious!!! HURRAH and BRAVA, dear TJ! Call me when you need a get-away (family is great and all, but 24/7 can drive you mad! Heh.)

Tuesday Update:

The World of Dance is coming to Vancouver in November. Virgin has tickets with the morning show and also with Denai in the evenings.

CFOX has Skookum Festival passes (Sept 7 – 10). Listen for the cue, then be caller 9 to spin the wheel. You could win three day passes, one day passes, or nothing. Regular tickets are $200 and the weekend pass is $319, so it’s definitely worth playing for. The Killers, Arkells, Florence & The Machine, Metric, Blue Rodeo, Mother Mother, Chromeo, Dear Rouge, Cold War Kids, Yukon Blonde, Barney Bentall, and a ton of names I don’t recognize – it’ll be a fantastic festival!

I just listened to CKNW for 40 minutes and then thought I’d better check the contest post on their website to make sure it starts today. It doesn’t. It starts next Monday. Blah.

Wednesday Update:

Carrie Underwood is coming and JRFM has tickets in the mornings.




5:40 – JRFM, Secret Word (passes to Northwest Washington Fair or PNE passes)

6 – 9 – Virgin, tickets to World of Dance

6 – 10 – QMFM, Summer Cinema VIP passes

7 – 9 – JRFM, Secret Word is said (passes to Northwest Washington Fair or PNE passes)

7:00 – Kiss, fly-away code word

7:10 – Virgin, 4 PNE passes

7:30 – Rock 101, Grand IQ Test

7:35 – QMFM, $1000 Minute

8:10 – Kiss, Not So Secret Word (?)

9:00 – Kiss, four admission and ride passes to PNE

11:00 – Kiss, fly-away code word

11:00 – Kiss, four admission and ride passes to PNE

12 – 1 – CFOX, 90’s at Noon (?)

12 – 1 – Rock 101, Rock Trivia (?)

12 – 1 – Peak, Rock Bite (?)

1 – 4 – Sportsnet, Password (?)

2 – 6 – Virgin, 4 passes to Playland

3 – 6 – CFOX, waterslide passes

3:00 – Kiss, four admission and ride passes to PNE

4 – 5 – JRFM, U-Turn (4 passes to Cultus Lake Waterpark)

4:00 – Kiss, fly-away code word

4:45 – CFOX, This is Our World (four tickets to WWE in Abby)

5:00 – Peak, Five in a Row (?)

6 – 10 – Virgin, tickets to World of Dance

6:00 – Kiss, fly-away code word

9:00 – Kiss, four admission and ride passes to PNE


As always, best of luck!