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Horton Hears A Clue!

Posted on Sep 28, 2018

Maybe it’s just wishful thinking, but have they given us a clue? I’ve been scouring the Z95.3 social media posts and newsletters for clues, and I easily convinced myself I heard subliminal messages.

But DID I??

Last season they hid clues in their ZFX commercials. These were the phrases:

“simple, common household sound”

“roll up your sleeves”

“your mission is clear”

“can’t put their finger on it”

“pull off”

That was when it was “pulling off a rubber glove” which is still the most “WHAT?!” sound they’ve used, in my opinion. Bah!

I don’t recall at what point they started putting the clues into the ads, but I can tell you the jackpot was around $52,000 before they started actually giving us clues (that we were aware of!) They had that Q&A one day and that cracked it for us.

We aren’t even half way to that amount yet, but here’s the thing: we are only on the first sound! The rubber glove sound was the 4th of that season so at least we’d had some winners already. This being the first sound of the season and going so high is enough to turn some people off. Even ME, the biggest ZFX fan in the universe! I’ve all but thrown in the towel.

I’ve gone to extremes looking for clues. Is that girl spinning in her chair with money falling on her a clue that it’s an office sound? Is the picture of the word BIG in one ad indicative of lightbulbs? Is the phrase “pushing higher and higher” in one ad another clue? In another ad, one contestant says the phrase “give it a shot” – is THAT a clue??

My imagination is running wild. But I CAN tell you one thing for certain: it’s an everyday sound. They said that. They didn’t say “it’s a household sound”, but just “an everyday sound.” So it’s not in my house? It could be in the car, at the grocery store, at the bank, in the office, at the gym, etc, etc.

I’m worried if this goes on much longer, people will become disinterested. Even I have given up trying to get through to say my silly guesses. I was all gung-ho when I thought I had the answer, but now that I’m just shooting blanks, I don’t even listen to the game every time anymore. Sometimes I just wait for them to update their list of guesses. Blah.

The only thing left to do is listen to Zed 24/7 and hope they play some new ads. Will they have a clue in them? Is the current ad’s “your mission is clear” actually a clue again like it was last time?? Is it something to do with cleaning? Washing windows? Doing dishes? Cleaning the toilet bowl? Is it to do with reading glasses? Windshields? Water? What else is clear? And just because it’s “clear” doesn’t mean the actual thing is clear – last year “clear” meant “rubber glove”!!

FFS. I’m almost over it… And now that Survivor is taking Canadians, I’ve got something much more exciting to think about! I spent yesterday making my audition tape rather than walking around the house trying to make possible ZFX sounds. The once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to play Survivor is much more enticing than anything else and you can see my video HERE if you need inspiration for your own.

Plus I have a book signing in Maple Ridge tomorrow so I really don’t have any brain power left over to concentrate on looking for ZFX clues.

I wish I could’ve named this post “Horton, here’s a clue!” instead…