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Peak Times

Posted on Oct 2, 2018

Welp. I got screened. By Clinton on Peak.

A friend and I were both trying to get through for the montage at 7pm. I was caller 1 and caller 6, with three other ringing lines which were cut off in between those. Afterwards, my friend said “I was caller 6!” and I said “What?? No, I was caller 6!” But the fact he asked my name first set the alarm bells off.

So I did what any fair-play contestant would do: I called ┬áhim on it! I sent him a text saying “Dude. You told TWO people they were caller 6. You screening me?? WTF?!”

He’s all “oh, oops, mea culpa, musta been busy” but I could hear the fake tone in his text. “Good luck tomorrow.”

“Pound sand” is what I wanted to reply, but instead I said “It must be very frustrating for you guys, getting the same people calling in all the time. But if we’re getting through 3 or 4 times each play, that must mean no one else is trying to call. I don’t have MAGIC lines! And we are dedicated, you should be pleased with our efforts. We are listening closely, engaged, and talking about The Peak. And once we win, we’ll still be listening. So don’t discourage us.”

His reply: thank you for your feedback!

Piss off. I know damned well you screened me and you know it. And the worst part is nobody at Peak cares. They do whatever they want. They don’t answer seven lines back to back – they answer a couple, let lines ring, cut them off, then answer a few more, presumably in an effort to give other players a chance to get through. But if I’m caller 1, 4, 6, and 8, CLEARLY very few people are trying to call in! Do you think I have some special lines? I can’t get through to JRFM to save my life! Same company, same building, shared lines. Face it, they just aren’t calling.

My theory is that it’s too hard. When there were only three songs, I had a much harder time getting through. Sometimes I wouldn’t get a ring at all! But this one is way hard – four songs with barely a note to tell them by. No wonder no one is calling – they have NO idea! But here I am, trying to help the game along by throwing out guesses – maybe if 3 of the 4 were guessed, more people would try calling! I obviously know the music, so I’m happy to contribute. It was fun. Was.

This is their second transgression – the first was when Casey-Jo and James thought I was the Anne who had already played (I wasn’t) and they hung up on me. I lost out on Ellen tickets and I was pissed!

But then I got over it and started listening to them again. It was at least an “honest” mistake. This time, it’s outright bullshit. A blatant lie, a clear slap in the face.

If you’ve read my Chronicles of Reason post, you know I don’t take stuff like that laying down. I’m outing you, Clinton. Everyone now knows you’re a screener. And it worked, because I won’t be listening to you anymore.

Fuck you.