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Boxing Week

Posted on Dec 26, 2018

Happy Hanukwanzmas!

I hope you are having a peaceful week. Too much family, too little family, too much food, not enough food – it’s hard to find a balance. This can be a rough time for some people so if you are struggling through, hang in there. It’ll be over soon and the new year will bring a fresh start.

Also getting a fresh start is LG104.3 – they are now called The Breeze! They switched over on Boxing Day to “relaxing favourites”, playing songs that “other Vancouver stations have forgotten about.” Sounds an awful lot like QMFM, doesn’t it? Check out their playlist HERE. Maybe they decided to give them a run for their money and steal a portion of their listeners, those in retail who can’t play upbeat music like pop or rock. There is no shortage of shops who need to play easy listening music and now they will have a choice of two stations instead of the old stand-by QM. When I worked retail in Oakridge Mall back in the day, we always had QM on. It was fine but sometimes you get tired of hearing the same voices so it’s nice to have a station to switch to if there’s a host whose voice grates on you. Heh.

And fret not, our friends Kelly and Graham will be staying on to spin the easy listening tunes. Yaay!

Also making a change is CFOX – Meredith has moved on to a morning show in TO and the midday slot sits empty at the moment. Who will they bring in? I will be tuning in to find out, but not until the new year. Everyone is away right now so I doubt anyone new will be starting until January…

I must admit, I listened to QM exclusively from the evening of Friday the 21st to Tuesday the 25th. I only wanted Christmas music. It was easy and relaxing, but Arran’s phony smiling voice started to irk me on the weekend so I had to turn it off occasionally. I hope the radio courses have stopped instructing people to smile when they talk so it sounds like they’re happy! Ick.

QM bounced back to regular programming at 2:00 a.m. on Boxing Day. And now I’m listening to The Breeze to see what they’re all about. So far I’ve heard some songs I haven’t heard in ages which is kinda fun. I wish the stations had a Search bar in their playlist where I could see if a certain song is in their rotation. I’m such a geek…

Speaking of Geekdom, I spent three hours yesterday waving at traffic as it whizzed by my house on Marine Drive. I held a tray of gingerbread, plum pinwheels, and gloggi (Scandinavian Christmas drink which is basically just warm, spiced grape juice.) I could’ve stayed in the house and cooked and cleaned, but whyyyyyyyy? I wanted to be out there waving at people who were probably stressed out, on their way to work or already working, anxious about the dinner they were about to attend, lonely, or just zoning out in traffic. I may be the only person to wish them a Merry Christmas that day, so hopefully I snapped them out of a funk or at least put a smile on their face. Some people waved simply out of embarrassment, but others were jovial and waved enthusiastically back at me. Some stopped for a treat, others stared steadfastly ahead with their hands at 10 and 2. But I didn’t care, I yelled “Merry Christmas” at them anyway! Because really it was for me, not for them. Ha! And eventually I got tired of yelling it and just started mouthing it, only adding voice when their window was rolled down or if it was a pedestrian or cyclist. Oh what fun it is to smile in a onesie on the street…



And look at this beautiful card someone left on my Twitter Fence! I went out on Christmas Eve to rewrite the letters (the rain tends to wash them away) and this was stuck into the frame. I love that they didn’t sign it! So sweet.



That’s about the only thing that’s jolly this season – contests are dead, dead, dead until January. There’s no point writing up a schedule so instead you are getting this babbling post which is freely available for anyone who wants to read it. When there’s something good to tell you, I’ll write it in a post for Members Only. Membership is free, it just requires you to subscribe to the newsletter. It gets sent out usually on Sundays but sometimes on a Saturday and occasionally on a Friday. I never share your info with anyone, and you get to let my exuberance wash over you only if you choose to – you’re under no obligation to actually OPEN the newsletter, but it does contain the password to the schedule so it might be worth your while…

Speaking of contests, I recall the big things don’t start until after the Big Football Party. And by Big Things I mean ZFX and Beat the Bank. Last January we had Beat Your Bills on Virgin, Viva Rock Vegas on Rock 101, and CFOX Spring Break Vegas in January. Remember last year when Viva Rock Vegas had that 60 day rule? You had to be prize-free for SIXTY days before winning the Vegas trip. Yikes! Good thing I’m way more thrilled about those Rock Ambleside tickets I won just before Xmas – I sure love Vegas but Rock Ambleside was the highlight of last summer so I’m super stoked about going again next summer! CFOX stayed with the 30 day rule last January for their Vegas trip. Thank goodness because that scarf and toque weren’t worth a 30 day wait (though they were super nice and made great stocking stuffers for unexpected guests! Thanks Ashley, I hope you enjoyed your $100 gift card.) It makes me wonder if they save the goochers for contesters since they have three hours between plays to decide what to put “under the tree”… I’d like to think CFOX plays fairer than that though.

Until then, it’s concert tickets, football party invites, etc. But hey, I’m game! I’ll be at my desk securing items for our Grade 7 Grad Party’s silent auction anyway so I’ll have the radio on. So far Z95.3 is my biggest supporter, donating concert tickets which will surely bring in a ton of cashola for our Grade 7s! Zed is my absolute favourite. They are so generous and amazing, I just can’t say enough good things about Zed. It’s not so much the music, it’s that they’re just lovely, lovely people. I wear my Zed tee proudly! And I took them a bunch of gingerbread, which is a gift from the heart because they are made with tons of love with my Mom’s famous Finnish gingerbread recipe.

I just checked my list and I didn’t win a single thing from Zed last year. Not one thing. LOL! I won from Kiss, Virgin, QM, JR, CFOX, LG, Rock 101, and Peak, but nothing from Zed. Isn’t that funny?! To be fair, I listened to all those stations last year too, but ZFX! AUGH! Okay, this will be my year. Bring on ZFX!!!

Most notably, though, I did not win from Jack. I also did not listen to Jack. Only just long enough to discover I still didn’t like it. It’s hard to put my finger on why I dislike it so much, but it’s kinda like my crazy – inexplicable, but it is what it is. Heh.

As you can see, there’s no schedule. There may be some things to win this week and next, but I’m not paying any attention. I did notice that JRFM changed their picture on Facebook to “Check In, Cash Out. Play and Win at 7, 11, 2, 5, and 7.” There’s nothing on their website about it but if I remember correctly, it’s something to do with collecting words and entering them in your account on their site for a daily prize. Not sure though, so I guess we’ll find out soon.

If I hear of anything I’ll send out a newsletter with a schedule, but I think I’ll just take the next few weeks off. I may be inspired to write a “Best of 2018” post, but we’ll see how this next week shapes up.

Merry Hanukwanzmas to all of you from all of us! MUAH!