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Vegas Baby!! A.

Posted on Jan 9, 2019

“We are?” answered Kirk hopefully.

“YEAH, Baby!!” she roared, then sunk into her chair as she noticed her voice echoed in the grand lobby.

She told her husband about the trip and how she was chosen to be the chaperone. Kirk was happy for her because he knew how much she loved Steven Tyler. He did some quick calculations and decided he would take the time off work to go on the trip with her – it was mid-week but he was sure he could swing it.

Bubbling with excitement, Alece said her goodbyes and headed home. It was her last day at work and she was ready to ring in the season with a Christmas toke of her new strain, Blitzen’s Blaze.

The Vegas trip was four months away but she couldn’t stop thinking about it. She drove home fantasizing about meeting Steven Tyler, then laughed when she remembered he was on her “list” and wouldn’t Kirk be annoyed if she got to meet him! Ha!

She hung her keys on the hook inside the apartment, tossed her purse on the kitchen counter, took out her phone and immediately called her best friend Jenny to tell her the good news. Jenny was also happy for Alece’s news, and the two oohed and aahed about what a great trip it would be.

“I’m sorry but I had to invite Kirk. I hope you understand,” said Alece apologetically. “Do you think you could come down with us and get tickets to Aerosmith so we can all go together?”

“Ha ha, you’re so funny,” sputtered Jenny. “No, I’ll pass. You go and have a great time with Kirk. We’ll go together another time,” she laughed, knowing a trip like that would be short and too rushed to truly enjoy it. If they were going to do Vegas, they were going to do it properly!

The four months passed slowly, all the more agonizing because every day at work she would have to talk about the trip on air. They had to promote the contest every hour of their show, so between 6 and 10am she would have to plug it four times. The contest ran until February 22nd, and in that time she would mention Vegas on air 136 times (every weekday except Family Day.) Ugh. Alece couldn’t wait for the contest to be over! The time would go by quicker if she didn’t have to think about it every day.

Finally it was April 16th and tomorrow was the day. Tomorrow morning she and 18 listeners were off to Vegas! Alece pulled out her backpack and laid everything she was taking with her on the bed. The trip was only for two nights so she wouldn’t need to bring too much, and she hated checking in bags and having to wait at the luggage carousel. No, she would throw everything into a backpack and travel light. Flip flops, bathing suit, sunglasses, a good book. Check. Makeup bag, sun hat, sarong. Check. Two t-shirts, two tank tops, a pair of shorts, a summer dress, a long sleeved sweater. Got it. She would wear layers onto the plane – a long summer dress with leggings underneath would work. She could pull off the leggings pretty much anywhere without attracting too much attention. It was only 13 degrees in Vancouver so it would be chilly before she got on the plane but it would be 27 degrees in Vegas! She couldn’t wait to sweat balls getting to the hotel, then bask in the air conditioning of the hotel room.

Early the next morning, she and Kirk took the sky train to the airport. The parking rates at the airport were atrocious so it was cheaper and easier to take transit. The check-ins went smoothly but security not-so-much.

What happened at security?

Scene C.

Scene D.