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Vegas Baby!! B.

Posted on Jan 9, 2019

“You are?” asked Jenny happily?

“Nope! WE ARE!” yelled Alece into the phone!

“What are you on about?” guffawed Jenny. “What? When? Where??”

Alece excitedly spelled out the details for Jenny and the two gushed about what a fabulous time they were going to have.

“Why aren’t you taking Kirk?” Jenny asked, worried Kirk would be upset.

“The trip is during the week and I know he can’t take time off in April. It’s you and me, Baby!” Alece exclaimed.

Both girls squealed simultaneously, “EEEEEEE!!”

That evening, the two texted funny gifs about excitement to each other. Over the next four months they would occasionally text a Vegas gif to each other if they were having a bad day. An upcoming girls’ trip always lifted their spirits!

The day before they were to leave, Jenny texted Alece and asked her to call her asap. It was urgent!

Alece called Jenny as soon as she could after her show and asked, “What’s up?”

Jenny said P.

Jenny said Q.