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Vegas Baby! C.

Posted on Jan 9, 2019

“Ma’am, we’re going to have to ask you to step over here,” said a stern looking officer to Alece before they got to the front of the security line.

Confused, Alece looked to Kirk. He looked back and shrugged. They followed the officer to a room off to the side. The officer opened the door and ushered the pair in. The room was stark, with bright lights and no decorations. The large desk held two computers where another stern-looking officer sat seemingly looking at both screens simultaneously. How odd.

“Have a seat,” invited the seated officer in a not-very-inviting tone.

“What’s this about?” asked Kirk, not accustomed to being ordered around without explanation.

“The US officials have identified you, Alece, as what they call an Unwelcome Guest. That means you are a known pot smoker and you may be denied entry if you catch the plane to Vegas,” answered the officer matter-of-factly.

Alece looked at Kirk in disbelief. The shock on his face mirrored hers.

“We wanted to let you know,” he continued, “in case you wanted to change your travel plans. If you get turned back at the Vegas airport, you will have wasted your time and money.” He looked expectantly at the two, presumably waiting for an answer.

“Can we have a minute to talk about this?” asked Alece.

“Of course. Go ahead and step outside. There’s no need to inform us of your decision. If you decide to go, you may step back into the security lineup. If you decide not to go, you can simply go home. It’s up to you.” said the officer more cordially than before.

“Oh. Okay, thanks,” Alece managed, still in shock.

Kirk took Alece’s hand and led her past the line of travellers waiting in the security line-up. They walked to the food court next to the international gates and sat down at an empty table.

“Do you want me to grab you some water?” asked Kirk gently. He could tell Alece was worried and she would need some time to consider her options.

Alece shook her head. She didn’t want water, she just wanted it all to go away. What was she to do? If she went to Vegas and got turned away at Customs, she would be mortified. Her workmates, the listeners… everyone would know. Could she handle the humiliation? WAS it humiliating?? Or was it funny and the best damned Viva Rock Vegas story ever?!

She didn’t bother asking Kirk what she should do. This wasn’t his decision, it was hers. It was for her to decide what was the lesser of the two evils: go and be humiliated or stay and be humiliated. Of course, there was always the alternate scenario – go, not be turned back, and have a great time!

What will she do?

Go (E)

Stay (F)