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Vegas Baby!! D.

Posted on Jan 9, 2019

As they stood in line waiting for their turn to take off their shoes at the security conveyor belt, an officer appeared holding the leash of a large German Shepherd dog. They waited at the front of the line and the dog sniffed each passenger as they walked past him.

Kirk looked at Alece and smiled. Alece smiled weakly back. Though she had been careful to clean everything properly and not smoke anything in the 24 hours before they left, it was possible she could have some residue somewhere. Ugh, how unnerving. She tried not to make eye contact with the dog but his eyes seemed to pierce her soul. She shrugged, trying to ease the tension in her neck.

When the person directly in front of them had moved on to the conveyor, the dog stepped forward to sniff Kirk and Alece. Actually, he completely ignored Kirk and went straight to Alece. He could probably smell her sweating! The dog sat down beside her and barked. Alece froze.

“Please come with me,” the officer said to her as he took her arm. Alece’s heart jumped into her throat and she gulped for air. They were led to a room off to the side where there were no chairs, only a large table with nothing on it. Another officer came through the door at the back pulling on rubber gloves. He asked for her backpack and said, “a female officer will be coming to do a full body search. Is there anything you’d like to tell us?”

Stuttering, Alece confessed all her sins, swearing up and down she didn’t have anything on her or IN her. The officer nodded and held up his hand. “I’ll be right back,” he said and left through the back door.

“Holy fuck!” Alece hissed at Kirk as the two stared at each other wide-eyed.

“Don’t worry, it’s going to be okay,” Kirk assured her.

A few seconds later the officer with the dog came in through the back door. The officer instructed the dog, “Go find!” and the dog went under the table and sniffed at Alece. Then he put two paws onto the table and sniffed at the backpack. He looked up at his handler and barked, indicating the backpack had something in or on it.

Relief wafted over Alece. The officer smiled and said, “Well, I guess you dodged THAT bullet! We won’t need to do a cavity search, but we’ll have to take everything out of the backpack.”

“Go for it!” Alece said happily, knowing there was nothing in it but her clothes and toiletries.

It turned out to be something on the backpack itself, so they put all of Alece’s belongings in a plastic bag. They returned to the security lineup and put her items through in the plastic bag. Once they were through security, Alece found the nearest store selling bags and bought the cutest thing she could fit her stuff into.

And that was only the beginning…

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