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Vegas Baby!! E.

Posted on Jan 9, 2019

Go. She would go and see what happens.

During the flight, she wavered from power position (I can handle whatever happens!) to shrinking (good gawd, what have I gotten myself into?) She ordered a stiff drink to steady her nerves – she hadn’t dared smoke anything before the flight for fear people would smell it on her. Oh, the irony.

The two hour flight was fine but Alece spent it worrying what would happen when they landed. Kirk held her hand but remained quiet, knowing there was nothing he could say to ease her mind. They were in a holding pattern now, and would face whatever happened together and with (he hoped) humour. After all, life with Alece was a thrill ride and he was used to hanging on for dear life!

What happened at Customs?

In. G

Out. H