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Vegas Baby!! F.

Posted on Jan 9, 2019

Alece picked up her backpack as she stood up. Kirk stood up and looked at her expectantly.

“Let’s just go home,” she sighed, pulling her backpack onto her shoulders.

“Are you sure?” Kirk asked, wanting desperately to go on the trip but knowing from the look on her face her mind was already made up.

“Yes. Let’s just go,” she murmured, pulling her phone out of her pocket. “I have to call Mike and tell him. Goody.” she slouched, her backpack looking 5o pounds heavier than it was.

She told Mike the story and apologized fourteen times in their ten minute conversation. When she hung up, she told Kirk, “Apparently they’re just going to send someone else in my place. No big deal.”

“Will you go to work today then?” asked Kirk, thinking it would be a bad idea but not wanting to tell her what to do.

“No, I’ll go in tomorrow. It’ll make for a good story, I guess.” she sighed, tucking her phone back into her pocket.

The transit ride home was quiet, both of them speechless. While they could have tried to go on the trip, it was better to avoid the hassles at the Vegas end. Changing the flights and whatnot would’ve been extremely inconvenient and annoying. At least this way they could go for lunch and save the day. Yes, it would take a few hours of sulking to get over it, but tomorrow was a new day! it would all be okay.

As it turned out, Willy and Kim were delighted to hear about Alece’s adventure! The three decided to tell the truth on air as a cautionary tale for anyone who was planning to head to Vegas. After the revelation, they got numerous calls from listeners who had been through the exact same thing. Some had carried on and been turned back, others had carried on and gotten through. Still others had opted to forego the trip, just as Alece had.

Alece was grateful for the validation. They had great listeners!