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Vegas Baby!! G

Posted on Jan 9, 2019

They cleared customs like a breeze and hurried to the taxi stand. Alece immediately dropped her backpack and pulled off her leggings – she had only been in the Vegas air for two minutes and already she could feel her legs sweating. Kirk had already changed into shorts on the airplane, fully expecting to be allowed into the country. Alece wondered if he would have returned with her if she’d been turned away at the border, then wondered what she would’ve wanted him to do.

Alece and Kirk chatted amiably with people they recognized from the flight, and offered to share a taxi to the hotel with one of the couples who won the contest. Once in their room, Alece immediately changed into her swimsuit and headed to the pool to celebrate, grabbing her book as she walked out the door.

“See you down there!” she yelled back at Kirk. He waved back, happy to have the bathroom to himself for a while before diving into Vegas life. They had all day to lounge at the pool so he was in no hurry to have that first drink.

Alece grabbed two towels from the stack near the pool entrance and found a row of empty lounge chairs in the sun. She tossed her book onto one and spread her towel on the adjacent one. She spread the other towel on the chair beside that and settled in to bask in the warmth. It was only noon but the day had already been beyond stressful! She needed to relax and rest up for the concert the following day. Kirk joined her half an hour later and the two ordered drinks and food and blocked out the rest of the world for the remainder of the day.

The Concert!

The radio station had supplied them with fantastic seats to the Aerosmith concert. Fantastic. However, Alece was not content to simply share air with Steven Tyler. No, that would not satisfy her. She was determined to meet him! She tweeted the band and tagged them in Instagram posts hoping they would invite her for a meet and greet. It was ten days into their three month residency – maybe they weren’t tired of shmoozing just yet?

As they were preparing to leave the hotel room to walk over to the MGM, Alece checked her phone one last time while she still haad wifi. YES!! There was a DM from Steven Tyler himself! Alece screamed, stopping Kirk in his tracks.

“What’s wrong?” he asked her worriedly.

“What’s RIGHT, you mean!” she smiled breathlessly. “Steven Tyler just messaged me!!” she enthused.

“Shut. UP!” Kirk gasped as he ran to look at her phone.

“Wait, wait. Let me open it and we can read it together,” she giggled, excited to share the moment with her partner.

The DM read: