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Vegas Baby!! I.

Posted on Jan 9, 2019

Hi Alece! We invite you and a friend to join us backstage after our show. Show the security team this tweet and they’ll let you in.

Both Kirk and Alece squealed. Holy hell! They were going to meet the band!! They could not believe their luck. This was going to be the best trip EVER!

The excitement was almost too much for Alece and suddenly she had to sit down. Too much was happening and the past two days had really been a roller coaster of emotions. Her stomach turned and her mouth began to water. Alece ran into the bathroom, dropped to her knees and ralphed. She barfed and barfed until she was an empty shell.

Not to be deterred, she got up, wiped her mouth, swigged some mouthwash, and marched out of the bathroom.

“Let’s go!” she barked at Kirk, who was at once horrified and impressed.

After the show, they went backstage and met the band. They were invited into the lounge where they got to sit and chat with the band uninterrupted – they had been the only two who had been invited! Alece and Kirk sat gingerly on the edge of a couch, far too nervous to sink fully into it should they be asked to leave. They were offered Perriers and snacks, and the band treated them as if they’d been friends for years. It was the most incredible experience and Alece had to stop herself numerous times from pulling out her phone and posting to Instagram.

“Hey, let’s do a group selfie!” suggested Steven Tyler.

Another band member said sarcastically, “You mean groupie?” Everyone laughed heartily.

Alece quickly pulled out her phone in case the moment passed, and she was not about to miss this opportunity of a lifetime!

An hour later, the band got ready to leave. Alece and Kirk thanked them for their kindness and headed down the corridor to the exit. As soon as they walked out the doors, Alece bent over and puked. Splat, right beside the building. At first he laughed, but then Kirk got worried.

“Are you okay? Should we go to the doctor?” he asked her as he rubbed Alece’s back.

“No, no. I’m okay,” she assured him. “I can wait till we get home tomorrow. But let’s stop at the store to pick up some gingerale.”

“Sure Babe, anything you need,” Kirk agreed.

As they wandered through the store separately, Alece tucked something under the chip bag in her basket. She didn’t want Kirk to see what it was so she hurried to the counter to pay before he could catch her. When he got to the counter with his purchases, she was already standing outside with her bag. She waved at him and waited in the warm Vegas air while he paid for his stuff.

What did she buy?