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Vegas Baby!! L.

Posted on Jan 9, 2019

When they got back to their room, Alece went straight into the bathroom with her bag. Kirk didn’t think anything of it and assumed she needed to throw up again.

Alece flushed the toilet, then put the lid down and sat on it. She hadn’t needed to throw up, she just wanted to open her package in private. She had been wanting to tell him something all week but couldn’t find the right moment to do it. Now seemed as good a time as any.

Alece stood up and looked at herself in the mirror. She looked pretty good considering she had been barfing earlier. She nodded at herself, squared her shoulders, and opened the bathroom door.

Kirk was sitting up in the bed, looking at his phone. She walked over and stood beside the bed, waiting for him to notice her. After a few beats he glanced up at her and asked, “What are you doing?”

She didn’t say a word, only handed him a mug. He took it and looked inside. It was empty. He turned it upside down and tapped it, indicating it was empty, and looked up at her questioningly.

“Read the mug,” she huffed, annoyed at his obliviousness.

Kirk lifted the mug and read it out loud. “World’s Greatest Dad.”

They smiled at each other.