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Vegas Baby!! R.

Posted on Jan 9, 2019

Once settled on the plane, the girls ordered drinks. Yes, it was 9am here but it was 5 o’clock somewhere. And besides, they were on Vegas time which meant alcohol was appropriate at any time of day.

Upon arrival at LAS, they ran immediately to the nearest washroom to change out of their travel clothes into something much more comfortable. The A/C on flights can make the two hour trip rather chilly so they had both worn sweaters and long pants. Now they switched into summer dresses and flip flops, making the heat much more bearable. In the taxi lineup, they tut-tutted at tourists who were still wearing their jeans or long sleeved shirts. They must be new here…

After check-in and hotel room inspection, Alece and Jenny decided to go for lunch and then hit the pool. They had all day and night to goof off as there were no set plans until the following evening when they would be at the Aerosmith concert. This was their chance to lounge around the pool, treat themselves to a delicious meal at dinner, and maybe even go dancing at a club. The girls were stoked!

While at the pool, they read the flyers from the lobby looking for something interesting but not too expensive to do that evening. They could have dinner at a hotel restaurant then hit a club or catch a comedy show or any number of other options.

What did they do?