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Vegas Baby!! S.

Posted on Jan 9, 2019

“How about we catch the comedy show at Brad Garrett’s Comedy Club, it’s just over there in the MGM?” Alece suggested.

“Sure. Who’s playing?” asked Jenny.

“Does it matter?” Alece posed, and they both laughed. It didn’t matter, this was VEGAS! As long as it wasn’t Carrot Top, it had to be good! Rich Little was playing at Tropicana but that was a bit outdated for them. Whoever was at Brad Garrett’s was bound to be funny.

Hours of lounging and primping and preening later, the girls caught a cab to Hofbrauhaus and enjoyed an authentic German dining experience, complete with an oompapa band. After that they zigzagged over the the Hard Rock hotel and admired the rock paraphernalia adorning the walls. It sent shivers down Alece’s spine to be so close to Rock memorabilia, to stare directly at Stevie Ray Vaughn’s guitar and Van Halen’s drum kit. Coolio.

Back into a cab they went, covered in goosebumps and ready to have their funny bones tickled. They picked up their tickets at the Box Office and found their seats just in time for the show. They laughed until their stomachs hurt, and all that laughing exhausted them. So much so, they couldn’t imagine going out anyplace afterwards. The Hakkasan was a famous club and they might even run into Aerosmith there… waitaminute… maybe they should *consider* checking it out just in case the band made a surprise appearance there?

Nah, what are the odds? They opted for a night cap at the hotel bar and a good night’s sleep. They would be out late tomorrow night so best to rest up.