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Vegas Baby!! T.

Posted on Jan 9, 2019

“How about Fremont Street?” suggested Jenny.

“Oh yeah! That’s a great idea!” enthused Alece. That was much more her scene than a fancy nightclub.

The girls decided to freshen up at the hotel spa before dinner – it was an extra $25 but they got to use the hot tub, sauna, showers with themed shampoos, and the vanity complete with hair dryers, curlers, mousses, sprays, lotions, etc. It was a self-pampering but it was still a pampering!

While there was a city bus which would take them directly to Fremont Street, Alece was feeling hangry and just wanted to get there, so the two caught a cab and paid the extra $10 to get there faster. They walked into the Golden Nugget and headed straight for the buffet. They took their time and tried to taste everything, but they skipped the pastas because who wants to fill up on that when there’s seafood?!

After dinner, they hopped over to Binions and grabbed some $2 Coronas from the bar. Alece dropped a $20 bill into a slot machine and won, lost, won, lost, won, and cashed out with $22. Sweet! Jenny sat at the slot machine beside her and put in a $10 bill. She lost and lost and lost. With only one pull left, she stood up, ready to walk away and order another beer. Bells and whistles began to sound and the girls froze. What was that clinging noise? Jenny’s machine lit up and looked like it was about to blast into outer space. She had won! It wasn’t a huge jackpot, but it was certainly enough to attract the attention of the other guests.

An attendant rushed over to instruct Jenny how to collect her winnings. When Alece and Jenny walked away, three people were vying for her chair, others were touching her as she walked by hoping her luck would rub off on them. The girls giggled as they collected the $1500. They were going to have a GREAT time on this trip!

The remainder of the night the girls spent singing and dancing to a band who was playing on a bandstand set up between casinos. They played rock all night long, and the girls drank $2 Coronas even though they could afford other drinks. These seasoned partiers knew not to mix their drinks!

It was midnight when the girls finally decided to catch a cab back to the hotel.

“Should we stop for a nightcap at the Hakkasan club across the street? I hear lots of stars hang out there,” offered Alece.

“Aw, really? Do we have to?” whimpered Jenny. “We’ve been out all day and I’m pretty sure the sun sucked all the stored energy out of my body!”

Alece conceded and the two returned to their hotel room as planned. They fell into bed, turned on the tv, and promptly passed out.