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Vegas Baby!! U.

Posted on Jan 9, 2019

The next morning, the girls had the local news on while they got themselves ready to go for breakfast. They heard the announcer say “and Steven Tyler from Aerosmith walked into Hakkasan after his show and caused quite the stir!”

Alece ran out of the bathroom where she had been washing her face and stared at the tv. “Damn it!!” she sputtered into the towel. “I knew we should’ve gone there!”

Jenny shook her head. “Sure, what would we have done there? Bought him drinks? He doesn’t drink! How close do you think we would’ve gotten to him? He probably had an entourage with him!”

“Yeah, I know,” Alece ceded, “but we might’ve at least inhaled part of his DNA,” she whined as she walked back into the bathroom.

“Gross,” spat Jenny after her.

After an all-too-heavy breakfast complete with mimosas and chocolate dipped strawberries, the ladies once again settle themselves at the poolside. They had another full day to lounge around, and there was really no place else they’d rather be. They had been to all the touristy places on previous trips to Vegas – the Harley Davidson shop, the Pawn Shop, the Linq, etc. There wasn’t anything they were especially keen to see, so they took the opportunity to replenish their vitamin D stores.

The concert was the cherry on top of their Vegas sundae, and the girls couldn’t have had a better time. After the show, they arranged to meet some of the other Vancovuerites at the Hakkasan nightclub on the off chance Steven Tyler decided to pop in again. I mean, he probably wouldn’t, but… it was worth being there just in case!

On the way to Hakkasan, the girls stopped to take pictures at New York New York’s Statue of Liberty. They stood at the crossing light comparing pictures and when it was time to cross, they put their phones down and watched where they were walking. Because they’re adults and not idiots. As they walked, a group of people walked on either side of them and surrounded them. Large people, who seemed to envelope them in darkness. Suddenly a man stuck his head in between the women and put his arms around their shoulders.

“Hey ladies! Where are we off to?” said a voice cheerfully.¬†Alece and Jenny looked between them and found the one and only Steven Tyler grinning at them. “Let’s go dancing at the Hakkasan. You can be my special guests. Will you join me?” he asked them cordially.

Unable to form actual words, Alece nodded dumbfoundedly and Jenny answered for them both. “We’d be delighted!” she gushed, and he replied, “I like your accent, honey. Where are you from?”

“We’re from Vancouver, Canada,” answered Alece, finally finding her voice.

“I LOVE Vancouver!” Steven Tyler gushed. “Well then, I insist we have a long chat about anything but politics, my dears!”

And off they went and they had the most fabulous time EVAH!

I can’t tell you any more because it’s VEGAS BABY!!