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Vegas Baby!!

Posted on Jan 9, 2019

This is a story with different events and characters, depending on which option you choose at the bottom of each page. There are eight possible endings via somewhat circuitous routes. It begins with the following story and asks you to choose route A or B, each having a different ending.

You could follow path A which has seven possible endings:


C or D

C leads to E or F

E leads to G or H

G leads to I or J

I leads to K or L

K leads to M, N, or O


Or you could choose route B, which offers two different adventures but the same ending:

B leads to P or Q

both lead to R

R leads to S or T

both lead to U


And so our story begins…

When Mike announced the next big contest was going to take people down to Vegas for the Aerosmith concert, Alece’s heart skipped a beat. She held her breath. The words which followed made her gasp.

“We need one of you to go down as a chaperone,” quipped Mike, knowing full well which of the three would battle dragons to be the one.

Alece turned to her workmates with a deathly glare which silently spoke what her heart was screaming: “Me! It’s going to be ME! And both of you need to say it’s me too, or we have a problem!”

Willy and Kim smiled at each other, happy to bow out and let Alece have this one. Kim had just been to Vegas as a chaperone last year, and though he’d love to see Aerosmith, Vegas just wasn’t Willy’s scene.

Alece looked wide-eyed at Mike and shot her hand up.

“ME! I’m going!” she shouted, leaving no room for questions or compromise.

“Let it be so,” pronounced Mike as if he were captain of a star ship.

She could barely listen to the details Mike was throwing at her. All Alece could think about was telling her husband. She nodded politely while staring at the table, mouth agape. Blah blah blah April blah blah blah Tropicana blah blah blah YVR blah blah blah. All she cared about was knowing who she was allowed to bring! Would she take her husband, who surely deserved it but they had JUST been to Mexico so did he really need to go on another trip? Would she take her bestie and make it a girls’ trip? Should she take someone else who she knew was a huge Aerosmith fan? Decisions, decisions.

As soon as the meeting was over, Alece thanked everyone profusely and waved goodbye as she flew out the doors and rushed to the elevators. While she waited for the doors to open, she took out her cell phone and opened her Recents folder. There was no point calling now because she might lose reception in the elevator on the way down from the 20th, but as soon as she exited she would dial.

The doors opened at the lobby and Alece bounded out, immediately plopping herself down into one of the cushy chairs in the building’s atrium. She was too excited to walk or drive and talk, and this may only take a minute.

She pressed the number and waited. When the call was answered, she sang, “Guess who’s going to Veeeeegaaaaaas?”

Who did she call?

Caller A.

Caller B.