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Posted on Feb 23, 2019

It’s no secret that some radio stations don’t like us regular contesters. They think we’re leeches and have even labelled us “prize pigs.” While it’s true that some folks will win just for the sake of winning, that is not the case with me or hundreds of others. We only win things we will use and we never cheat to get them. But like with fruit, one rotten one makes the whole bunch stink.

This is not a new phenomenon. Since the days of rotary phones, there have been people addicted to winning and will win whatever, whenever. It’s a rush for them, a winning middle finger to the big corporations. The radio stations got sick of the same people winning over and over, and instituted rules such as the 30 day rule to try to control the rampant winning. That 30 day rule is absolutely fair and I applaud it.

However, some promo peeps and hosts have taken matters into their own hands. They screen calls, tell you you’re the wrong caller when you were the right caller, drop your calls, and in the case of some promo peeps, make up their own rules.

Stand your ground. As long as you are playing fair, you have every right to win. To discourage those who win just for the sake of winning (please stop that!), they have put in rules such as “you can’t sell this prize, you must use it yourself.” If you are caught selling a prize, you can (and likely will) be banned.

That seems a bit harsh to me, since sometimes something comes up and you can’t go to an event. Instead of the tickets going to waste, it would be nice to sell them or give them to a friend.

That got me to thinking, is that even a real rule?

Yes, as explicitly stated in the Contest Rules of these sites:

JR Country and Peak
QMFM and Virgin
Jack and Kiss
Z95.3 and The Breeze

Now let’s look at the phrase “prizes must be accepted as awarded and cannot be transferred, assigned, substituted or redeemed for cash, except at the sole discretion of the Sponsors.” in Corus’s rules. This not only implies but clearly states you can’t ask the Sponsor to give you cash or another prize in place of what you just won. You can’t sell the ticket back to the Sponsor(s). You can’t ask the Sponsor to give the prize to someone else (transfer or assign). The radio station doesn’t have to allow substitutions or replacements.

This paragraph outlines the term “sponsors”:

Sponsors defined

Let’s say you won some concert tickets and you wanted to give them to a friend who loves the band. One might argue that the Sponsor is also the artist or Live Nation or the promotional agency, and THEY can decide if you are allowed to give your tickets to someone else. If you get permission from ANY of the Sponsors to give your tickets to your friend, I would think you are allowed to do it without reprimand from the radio station.

While the station may not want you to give your tickets to your friend or sell them online if you can’t go, I guarantee the event organizers would rather see the tickets used than wasted! Think about it. Would a struggling band want to see empty seats? They wouldn’t care if you sold the tickets as long as you didn’t gouge anyone.

So next time I can’t go to a show or want to give the tickets to someone who is dying to go but otherwise couldn’t afford it, I’m going to do it. I am not one of those people who just wins for the sake of winning. I don’t cheat or try to manipulate my way to a win. I play fair and square, and I think any station who would ban me for giving my tickets to a friend for their birthday will be in for extra paperwork. Don’t try to bully me because I will fight back.

Selling the tickets might be overstepping, but it baffles me why gifting them is a no-no. Any reasonable promo person would allow you to gift your tickets.

But as we know, not everyone is reasonable and some people are plain old bullies.

Bullies suck.