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P. M. O.

Posted on Mar 16, 2019

I’m so annoyed. A couple of things happened this week and I was trying to deal with them discreetly but then someone had to go poking the hornet’s nest. Why would you DO that?! Piss me off…

How is it that I get the shit when the hosts are the ones being jerks? Don’t shoot the messenger, deal with the message please.

First the Peak’s morning show were dicks to a caller, telling them they were caller 6 then they got it ringing again and they answered it. They were clearly caller 7 but they told the caller they were caller 6 again. When the person balked and asked how that could be since they were just caller 6, the host said “that’s how math works” before saying they needed to give other people a chance to play.

What the actual fuck? Firstly, you fucking assholes, that’s NOT how math works. Don’t treat your listeners like that, it’s not nice. And for a struggling station’s newcomers, maybe being kind to listeners would be better for ratings. Now we just think you’re jerks and Alberta can take you back. Fuck off.

The person they did that to had never played their contest before, had never called in, and now they are certain to never call in again. I hope they stop listening altogether – CFOX plays the same songs and they are far nicer to their callers.

Instead of calling them out publicly, I wrote them an email. Firm but not nasty, just pointing out that they made a mistake thinking that caller had played before.

Hours after that incident, Peak amended their contest rules to say you could only get through ONCE for each play. For example, if you’re caller three, you can’t call back and be caller seven. Random but okaaaaaay. Let’s hope you have seven listeners left who want to play.

The rules clearly state you can play more than once but if you win you can’t play anymore. That makes perfect sense considering their 30 day rule. But if your name is Sandy, Kat, Lukas, Michael, Emily, or Mark, don’t bother calling in because they’ll say you’ve already played even if you haven’t. The hosts seem to think screening players is in their job description. It isn’t.

The Peak and JRFM are owned by the same company, they work in the same offices, and they are all family. So when I sent the email, it was either circulated or at the very least discussed in the office. The Peak’s morning show was annoyed that they got called out and I get it because nobody wants to be told they’re doing their job wrong. But they are being PAID to do a job and if they make the station look bad, they should be reprimanded. I’m pretty sure Jimmy Pattison doesn’t want people thinking his employees are assholes. They are trying to increase their ratings and looking bad is not part of their marketing strategy.

Fast forward to Friday. A contester who uses aliases and makes us all look bad plays Red Solo Cup using one of their aliases. We all know who it is, we all know their voice. I’m sure the hosts know it too, but they are obligated to let them play because they can’t prove anything. We contesters know this and we just roll our eyes when we hear them on air.

A non-contester but dedicated JR fan calls in to complain, saying they heard that same person play using a different name. Worse, they played twice in one day and used a different name each time. The afternoon hosts at JR accused her of being ME and then hung up on her.

Seriously? Firstly, I wouldn’t ever call to complain about that contester because I know you guys can’t do anything about it. Secondly, when have I ever PHONED you to complain about something? Besides never? I’ll wait while you come up with an answer…

Right. I don’t call you. Because I know you’re busy and you’ve got a show to do. If I had a complaint I would tweet or email the station. Which, by the way, I didn’t do. So you saw or heard about my email to The Peak and then said “hold my beer”, deciding to be rude to a listener who didn’t deserve it.

Great. Another mistake. And another pissed off listener. Why?! Why are you shooting yourselves in the foot? Those listeners don’t follow my blog, don’t even know who I am, but they know other listeners and they vented to them. Eventually it gets back to me through different channels and now I’m left shaking my head.

Do you think I should just sit back and let you do whatever you want? Do you think you’re an on-air personality and therefore should be untouchable? Naw, that’s not how it works. You’re a paid employee and should act like one. Do your job properly. If I’m pointing out something you’re doing wrong, that’s on YOU.

Don’t get mad at ME. I play by the rules and I encourage others to do so too. I’m on your side, I want you to do well. But I will stand up for your listeners who are too afraid to stand up for themselves. I’m not afraid of you, you’re nobody special. Neither am I, and everyone who reads my blog knows this about me. I’m fair and I don’t think I’m above the law. Nobody is.

My readers haven’t read rants about other hosts – Kevin & Sonia, Nat & Drew, etc etc etc because those hosts are kind and fair and appreciate how lucky they are to have those jobs. SO, so lucky.

I’m outing you because you’re being jerks for no good reason. Maybe your listeners should know what you’re really like when you’re not on air.

I’ve been tuning in to Docc and Nicole in the afternoons but I think I’ll switch stations and leave my country listening to the mornings and weekends.

Piss me off…