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2pm ZFX in GIFs

Posted on Apr 24, 2019

1:59pm. Calmly awaiting the ZFX cue to call, confident I have the correct answer:

2:03pm. Cell phone gets through and is ringing.

2:04pm. Cell phone cuts out after 10 rings.

2:08pm. Hear Brittany’s guess:

2:08pm. Hear the Correct Guess bells ringing:

2:08pm. Open list of previous ZFX sounds and see “lint roller” on the list.

Finding the post of Mel winning at 2pm in Feb, 2017:

2:08pm. Lose my shit:

2:15pm. Stirring beans and wieners at the stove:

2:17pm. Realizing that may have been the last ZFX of the season:

2:18pm. Seeing on the Zed page there will be a new sound at 5:

2:18pm. Giving myself a pep talk.

Waiting to see if the next sound is another repeat. Maybe “CLOSING an ironing board” or “UNscrewing a lightbulb” or “PEELING an onion” or “screwing ON a jar lid” or “OPENING a Ziploc bag” or… 🙄

I mean, honestly. Can you not come up with UNIQUE sounds from things you haven’t used before? Like zippers, windows, keyboards, laptops, drawers, stoves, fridges, potato peelers, dryers, and every other fucking thing everyone in the world has/does/uses?!