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Karma Chameleon

Posted on Jun 5, 2019

Like Culture Club said, Karma Chameleon you come and go. Karma bites when you least expect it because it’s evasive and you never know when it’s going to show up. It’s never really gone though, it’s just in the background watching and waiting for an opportunity to teach a lesson.

Today’s lesson isn’t what you think it’s going to be. You’re probably thinking I’m going to celebrate because James and Casey Jo got fired from Peak yesterday. But that’s not what’s happening. At all.

I saw the news on Twitter this morning when Casey-Jo posted a picture of her and James smiling broadly with the caption “Fyred fest.” Skeptical, I went to Peak’s page and sure enough, they were removed from the Hosts page. Humph.

Also fired were Emily from Peak weekends and Kelly from JR weekends (both Jim Pattison stations.) I have no opinions about these changes other than to say changes like this are standard M.O. after the ratings race. You have to have thick skin to work in this business!

Panicked, I scrolled all other stations’ sites to see if anyone else was missing. I didn’t notice any other changes but they could still be coming down the pipe. Radio hosts are holding their breath this summer.

While I have certainly had my issues with James and Casey-Jo, the truth is I really liked them. As people and as radio hosts. Of all the people that deserved to get fired from The Peak, they were at the bottom of my list! Of all Peak’s shows, they had the best one and I secretly enjoyed listening to them. They had great rapport, good banter, smooth voices, and always had something interesting to talk about.

So as I made breakfasts and lunches for my bunches, I mulled over this news. I thought about all the great people who have come and gone from Peak – Cory, Sonia, Kevin, etc. – and wondered what is wrong with Peak. Why do they keep getting it SO wrong?! Their morning show is horrendous, the middays are just awful, and evenings are no better. Aside from the James and Casey-Jo show, weekends were the safest time to listen if I didn’t want to grind my teeth.

These two will undoubtedly go on to bigger and better things. Casey-Jo balances on the edge of the universe and it’ll just take one big nudge to shoot her into the stars. With the right publisher and the right launching pad, she will write her way to stardom. James will stay earth-bound but will definitely thrive. We’ll hear him on the airwaves again soon. In fact, I know a few stations who could use him. Take them both, Jack! They’d be a fantastic morning show.

I was waiting till the kids were in school to write the post because once I start writing I hate interruptions. I took a break from cleaning and thinking positive thoughts about James and Casey-Jo to be at my desk in case the Back in Black contestant didn’t answer their phone. Lo and behold, Deb Anderson did NOT answer her phone and $731 was going to caller 10. I have tried a dozen times for this and have never gotten through. Yet I try, because you can’t win if you don’t try.

Surrounded by cheerfulness and gratification, I dialled both my landline and cell phone repeatedly. Suddenly my cell phone began to ring. CELL PHONE! Shocked, I turned off the radio in case I was caller 10. Guess what? I was caller TEN! You could’ve knocked me over with a feather.

The lesson here was this: in my very UNprofessional opinion, my feelings about James and Casey-Jo getting fired were right and those positive vibes allowed me to be caller ten. Thinking Peak made a mistake and wishing the best for James and Casey-Jo was clearly the right thing to think. Karma came out and bit me in the best possible way. Now I hope it bites James and Casey-Jo too. With a positive and can-do attitude, they will roll with the punches and come out on top.

James and Casey-Jo will be fine. The Peak, notsomuch.