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Spring Ratings 2019

Posted on Jun 23, 2019

The radio ratings came out a while ago. This is how they looked:

The above is straight from the Numeris site. They don’t list them in the order I like (top-rated to bottom-rated) so here’s another list (thanks to Puget Sound Radio):

The results don’t mean much until you take a look at the whole picture.

Can you spot the trends? Here’s what I see:

QMFM’s ratings soar during the winter thanks to their Christmas-music-only format for December. As soon as January hits, their ratings go back to normal. But normal for them is still top spot so good on them.

Rock 101 has been enjoying a steady increase in ratings. They could almost overtake QMFM soon, especially if retail stores switch to the new easy-listening option, The Breeze. This’ll be fun to watch!

JR Country saw an uptick this season though they are back down to 2017 numbers.

Virgin Radio has had their worst season since I don’t know when! They are nearing the bottom of the barrel, also strongly indicated in my own survey where their shows got the lowest scores. I predict changes coming soon!

Jack also saw an uptick this season, in keeping with their overall upward trend since 2017. This baffles me.

Zed continues to waver in the middle, keeping its head above water but sinking lower over the past two years. Stay afloat, dear Zed!!!

Close on Zed’s heels, The Breeze holding steady in the middle.

Kiss hanging on for dear life with a possibly life-saving uptick this season. Keep climbing!!!

At the bottom: The Peak. It used to be a contender, beating out Kiss in five of the past eight ratings races. Looks like it’ll be the gum on my shoe for the foreseeable future.

Just a reminder that I know nothing about the radio business, I only make assumptions from the numbers. There may be other reasons for increases and decreases and the way they count the ratings, but I don’t know what those are. I only know what I see and hear, and listening to all these stations gives me a pretty good idea of what’s what. Or rather, who’s who. The shitty hosts vs the rock stars. We support those we like and it shows!