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Rule Review

Posted on Jul 9, 2019

It’s time to review the general contest rules for all the stations we follow. Stations update them now and again without telling us so it’s a good idea to check the rules for every contest. There is generally a 30 day waiting period after you win something but sometimes the big contests have different rules.

These are the general rules current for today, Monday July 8th, 2019.

Jim Pattison: JR Country (93.7) and Peak (102.7)

These stations are independent and you can win from each station within a 30 day period. Bonus: if you’ve won a smaller prize, you can still win a major prize before your 30 days are up. However, if you win the big prize first, you are blocked out for the full 30 days. But only from the station you won it on (ie. you could win a trip from JR Country and go on to win $2000 cash from Peak.)

Bell: Virgin (94.5) and QMFM (103.5)

You can only win from ONE Bell station every 30 days. If you won something (ANYTHING!) from QMFM, you can’t win from QM, Virgin, TSN, or TSN 1040. No exceptions.

Stingray: Z95.3 and The Breeze (104.3)

Independents! Woot! You can win from Z95.3 and still win from The Breeze before your 30 days are up.

As an avid rule-reader, I have to tell you the Stingray rules are the easiest ones to read. There isn’t a ton of legalese, it’s just straight forward and easy to understand. Nice.

Rogers: Jack (96.9) and Kiss (104.9)

These stations are independent AND there’s only a 30-Day-Rule if the individual contest mentions it! WHAAAAAAT?! This is news to me. Maybe I just never really read the Rogers rules, or they’ve been updated since I read them last. Regardless, this is GREAT!

However, they DO have a $1000 Rule, but only sometimes. This means if you’ve won something worth $1000 or more, you can’t win anything else from that same station for SIX MONTHS! You can, however, win something from the other station. Coolio! This rule also ONLY applies if the particular contest rules mention it.

To recap: the 30-Day-Rule and/or $1000 Rule do NOT apply unless expressly stated in the posted contest rules.

Corus: CFOX (99.3) and Rock 101

You can only win from ONE station every 30 days. But again, it’s worth reading the individual contest rules to make sure they haven’t made exceptions.

I’ll review these rules again at the end of August to make sure they still stand for the September contest frenzy. Oooooh, can’t wait!!!