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Taste the Fox

Posted on Aug 22, 2019

Corus has announced their fall contests and I’m not impressed.

This time last year they started Money for Nothing on Rock 101 and Splash or Cash on CFOX. Both of those happened at 8, 11, 2 and 5.

Things are different now. Let’s review:

Rock 101: Taste The World

Every two weeks they will do a draw for a trip to a different destination. You can qualify for the draw by being caller 10 at 8am, 11am, and 4pm. They will take qualifiers every weekday except stat holidays (Sept 2nd, Oct 14th.) There will be five trips, each one for three or four nights in either Canada, US, or Europe. Each comes with airfare, hotel, and $300 cash. Three of the trips are worth $4400, one is worth $3100, and this first one is worth $3700.

There will be 27 people in the draw for the first draw (on September 9th) which is a trip to New Orleans. This trip includes airfare, three nights in a hotel in the French Quarter, $300 for food, and hotel transfers. Very cool trip.


You can’t have won anything from Rock 101 in the 30 days before the contest starts (between July 27th and August 26th.) This is different from their standard Rules and Regs which state you can’t have won from ANY Corus station in the past 30 days. These Taste The World rules state you can’t have won from the STATION, which is specifically CFMI (Rock 101).

Travel for this first trip is November 8th to 11th. Winner and guest must both be 21 or older and legally able to travel over the border. The legal drinking age in New Orleans is 21. You also have to have a credit card to give the hotel for incidentals.

Everyone who qualifies for the trip wins $101, which knocks you out of the running for any other prizes from 101. If you’re not interested in New Orleans, save your qualifier for a trip you’re really interested in. Since this is a food-centric contest, the other four trips will be to places with unique cuisine in either Canada, US, or Europe. So maybe some pasta in Italia? Haggis in Scotland? Cabbage rolls in Ukraine? Bavarian sausages in Germany? Lobster in Newfoundland? Pretzels in New York? I’ll take any of those!

It’s a fun and easy contest but doesn’t entice us to keep tuning in once we’ve lost. I preferred the Splash or Cash where you could continue qualifying if you didn’t win the draw for the trip. On the other hand, this gives way more people a chance to play…

CFOX: Where in the World is Mr. Fox?

Why in the world are they doing this?! Ugh, I am not a fan of this contest. At. ALL.

At 7:00am every weekday morning they will give you a clue to Mr. Fox’s whereabouts. Then at 8am, 11am, and 4pm at the cue to call, be caller 10 and you can guess Mr. Fox’s location. You must guess his EXACT location, like if he’s in BC, in Whistler, on Blackcomb Mountain, in a gondola, wearing a kilt, standing on one foot with his finger in his nose.

Here’s the problem: “Only one (1) one guess per Location per household.” (sic) This means if you guess wrong, you win a t-shirt and you can never guess again for that location! WTF?! So the three people who guess on Monday after only one clue will most definitely be WRONG, and they don’t get to play again. Period.

Well that’s just stupid. I hate the word “stupid” but I feel it’s appropriate here. There are 14 clues to Mr. Fox’s location and there’s no way anyone could guess it after only one or two or even three clues! But there are always smarties who think they know the answer and will try to guess it on the first or second day.

It’s unclear if you’re allowed to guess for the NEXT location though. It does say in the rules you can only win ONE qualifying prize. Only ONE t-shirt. And after you win that t-shirt, you can’t play again until the next location (at least, that’s what I understood from the rules.)

Remember when Peak played Montage and nobody called in? Maybe that’ll happen here. I think the people who call in during the first few days are people who didn’t read the rules thoroughly (or didn’t read this post) and don’t realize they can’t guess again. Or maybe the hosts themselves aren’t aware of these rules and will let people guess as many times as they can get through? This is more likely than I care to admit…

Once the location is guessed correctly and the trip is awarded, the game ends until the next round. For example, if someone guesses the first location on the 4th day after only four clues (unlikely), there will be no more cues to call until the next trip’s two-week-game starts. This first location starts on Monday August 26th and goes till Sept 6th (or until it is won.) Travel will take place Nov 15 – 18 and the prize is worth $3900.

The next game starts Sept 9th and ends Sept 20th (or earlier if someone wins it.) Travel is Nov 22 – 27th and the prize is worth $4300.

The Sept 23rd game ends Oct 4th and travel is Nov 22 – 27th. A trip worth $4900.

On Oct 7th, the 4th game starts. It ends on Oct 18th or whenever it’s won. Travel is Dec 5 – 10th and the trip is worth $4700.

The oct 21st game ends on Nov 1st and travel is Nov 22 – 25th. This trip is worth $4000.

Nov 4th is the final game which ends Nov 15th. Travel is Dec 12 – 18 and is worth $4900.


Players have to be 21 years old to win so there will definitely be locations in the states (or other countries where the legal age is 21.) They list North America, Asia, Europe, Australia, Africa, Antarctica and South America on their site, but I don’t imagine ANYONE wants to spend a full day travelling to Australia only to turn around and head home. My guess is the locations will be somewhere within a 4 – 10 hour flight. Like Hawaii. I’d like to see Hawaii! Or Iceland!!

You can’t have won anything from CFOX worth over $1500 within the past six months. If you won one of their fly-aways back in March or April, you aren’t eligible for this contest. Yes, only CFOX. If you won something from Rock 101, you still qualify for this contest. I know, their waffling on the rules makes my head spin too…

I’m a team player so Imma collect the clues and offer up my opinions on this game, but I won’t be calling in until I’m absolutely certain of the location.

Let the games begin!