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Beachin’ Bank Error

Posted on Nov 1, 2019

Corus is finally getting in on the say-stop-before-you-lose games. This is a new venture for Corus – I don’t remember another time when they gave away random amounts of cash in this way. And I’m delighted! We’ve had QMFM’s Beat The Bank, Virgin’s Scratch, Win, or Bust, JR Country’s Cash Cow, Z95.3’s Gold Digger, Jack’s Santa Sack of Cash, and now we’ve got Rock 101’s Bank Error. Cool!

With this game, the cash amounts only go UP. After each monetary announcement, the player has to choose to stop or to continue. If they continue they may lose everything. Or they may get more money! It’s a dangerous game but the stakes aren’t that high – the maximum prize is $1000 and I would consider $400 a major win. If you bust, you can play again since there isn’t a consolation prize. Once you win though, you can’t play again during this contest.

Rock 101’s Bank Error starts on Monday but before it does, let’s take a closer look at the rules and regs:

When I read the Rules & Regs as I always do, I noticed there are two sets of rules – one for the morning play and another set for the two other plays at 11am and 4pm. Huh.

It only took a few minutes to see what the difference was – the morning play is open to Alberta residents too. This is because WAK are not only OUR morning show, they are also Calgary’s morning show. That means we are not only competing against our regular contesters, we’re also competing with out-of-town callers, and possibly LOTS of them!

This is also why they are playing at 7am instead of the usual 8am game time. When it’s 7am here, it’s 8am in Calgary. It’s possible the earlier time will balance out the increased callers but I wouldn’t count on it.

The 11am and 4pm plays are only open to BC residents, and Calgary has their afternoon host taking their plays for Albertans at 3pm and 5pm. We may have better luck with calling in at the other times, but in my experience the 4pm play is tricky – I think Dean sometimes takes the very first caller instead of caller ten. But fingers crossed he’ll play by the rules for the next three weeks…

This contest ends November 22nd.

Also on deck, CFOX is bringing back Splash or Cash starting Monday. I really enjoy this game. It’s easy and it’s fast, and the hosts are very fair. They take caller 9 religiously. Carmen answers slowly, Jeremy answers lightning fast, and the morning show’s answering speed is somewhere in between the two.

At 8:30ish, 11ish, and 4ish, caller 9 gets to choose to put their name in the draw for an all-inclusive trip to Mazatlan or take the envelope. The envelope will have either $1 or $1000 in it. Choose wisely!

The trip to Mazatlan is valid anytime between now and June 30, 2020. Sunwing only flies direct to Mazatlan between November 8th and April 17th so if you fly after April 17th you will have to pay for your own connecting flights. The list of blackout dates is extensive too (Nov 21 – 28, Dec 17 – Jan 4, Jan 18 – 25, Feb 12 – 22, Mar 11 – 15, Apr 8 – 22, May 23 – 30, June 27 – July 4 and Aug 01 – 31) so best to check to see if your vacation days can work around them.

This game ends December 6th so there’s lots of time to think about what you would choose. I know my name would never be called for the draw but it would be fun to take a gamble on that envelope!