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Sunday Dec 15

Posted on Dec 16, 2019


Are any of you watching Survivor right now?? The season finale is on Wednesday and I’m super excited (silly, I know!) Last week’s episode left me agape. They continue to break barriers and tackle hot topics, giving us an opportunity to have important conversations with our kids because we’re watching it together. I applied for the show again this fall but Jeff hasn’t called me yet. He’d better hurry up before I’m too old or the show gets cancelled!

Okay, let’s get on with the fun stuff:

Wait. Was I right about Rock 101 playing Feliz Navidad on Wednesday?? I think I was! I would check but I accidentally deleted all of last week’s post. I may still be a little drunk from last night. Heh. A night of vigorous exercise (dancing) capped by slamming my cheekbone against the car door. I’ll have to come up with a better story than that for when people ask me about the bruise on my face…

Other things that happened last week:

CFOX gave away some great prizes but also gave away a jar of pickles. It’s a dangerous game! Lucky “Dennis” (we all know it was you, B, disguises don’t work over the phone) won a $500 Air Canada gift card when the other gift was stolen from him (an $800 set of luggage.) Last year when my gift was stolen I won a toque and scarf. Life just isn’t fair sometimes. One could argue that karma will take care of things but will it though? I dunno.

I was up at 5:30 all last week trying to win a $500 Shopper’s Drug Mart gift card from QMFM. The cue was at 6:05 and all you had to do was finish the lyric of a Christmas song (actually sing it.) I always start dialling half way through the song before the cue to call because of the delay. On Thursday my line started ringing before the cue to call and after many rings it was answered: caller 26. WTF?! So I held on the line hoping the player wouldn’t know the words to the song but of course they DID. Blah. Four extra-early mornings for nought (I didn’t know about it until Tuesday.) Whatever. I love mornings. Sometimes I wake up at 2am and am disappointed I can’t get up yet! LOL!

I texted in twice for Jack’s Sack (urk) but of course they never called. However, they did call the same person TWICE. What the actual fuck? Are there only four people texting in so they had to start re-calling people? There is NO way that was random. I’d like to see their “random text chooser” if there is such a thing. I’ll bet they just have their favourite people flagged in their system so when they text in, their text shows up in rainbow colours with hearts all over it.

Virgin’s gifts kinda blew but JR had some nice prizes under their tree this week. No pickles here! I listened quite often but never get through. Maybe THIS week?

Same for Zed’s Santa Song. Listen often, never get through. The one time I DID get through I was the wrong caller. UGH! I’d like to think my persistence will pay off but really it’s just random luck and maybe my luck has run out for the year.

January I had 3 wins, Feb – 1, Mar – 3, April – 1, May – 1, June – 4, July – 1, Sept – 3, Nov – 1. Nothing in October and nothing in December (so far.) This is my last week to get something in before the Holiday Blahs! Even just some Grouse Mountain passes would be great – it’s beautiful up there but we can’t afford to go.

Two thirds of those wins were events – parties, Lounge invites, Cultus passes, etc. While I love, love, LOVE cash prizes, I also really love the events, especially if I get to hang out with the hosts and promo crews. In fact, that’s all I won from my favourite station – two party invites – and you KNOW how hard I try for everything else! But that Super Bowl party last year was a BLAST so I’m okay with that. I might have to buy my way in this year…

I doubt there will be anything happening next Monday and Tuesday but I’ll still send out a newsletter with our Lotto Max ticket. That’s our Christmas present to us. If we win, we party. If we don’t win, instead of Xmas gifts I’m giving everyone my opinions. Get excited.

If I don’t see or hear from you, have a happy whatever-you-celebrate!


Newsletter subscribers:


Lotto Max ticket. Fingers crossed for Tuesday!!!




93.7 JR Country: Song of the Day

94.5 Virgin: 12 Days of Christmas

Z95.3: Song of the Day

Jack: Coal Hard Cash (Santa’s Sack)

99.3:  Bad Santa

101.1: Mariachi Xmas – listen for Feliz Navidad. Wait till the song ends, then be caller 10.



104.3: Song of the Day. Text in when you hear it and you could win $100.





Willy has Motley Crue tickets in the mornings on Rock 101.




5:40 – JRFM, Secret Word given (Amazon Echo Dot or tickets to Boots & Babes Ball)

6 – 10 – CFOX, Best/Worst of the Weekend (?)

6:30 – QMFM, $1000 Minute

7 – 9 – JRFM, Secret Word said (Amazon Echo Dot or tickets to Boots & Babes Ball)

7:05 – Z95.3, Payday

7:10 – JR, Fa La La La La song announced

7:10 – Virgin, tickets to Camila Cabello

7:30 – Rock 101, Grand IQ Test

7:35 – QMFM, $1000 Minute

8:00 – CFOX, Bad Santa

8:00 – Zed, Santa Song announced

8:05 – Kiss, Not So Secret Word (Science World passes)

8:10 – Virgin, 12 Days of Christmas (random prizes)

8:25 – Jack, Santa’s Sack

10 – 3 – QMFM, Glow tickets

11:00 – CFOX, Bad Santa

11:10 – Virgin, tickets to Camila Cabello

12 – 1 – CFOX, 90’s at Noon (?)

12 – 1 – Rock 101, Rock Trivia (?)

3:10 – Virgin, tickets to Camila Cabello

4 – 5 – JRFM, Head Blank (?)

4:00 – CFOX, Bad Santa

4:45 – CFOX, This Is Our World (?)

6:10 – Virgin, tickets to Camila Cabello

Good luck everyone!