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Sunday Dec 22

Posted on Dec 23, 2019


I missed Friday afternoon’s Bad Santa so I don’t know if Todd got to keep the iPad from 11am. Great gift! Much better than Thursday’s hand sanitize or Scotty’s dirty socks!

JR had nice prizes all along but I didn’t catch one. It was very hard to get through, all the more difficult because they kept telling people when they would play. Shhhhhh! LOL!

Despite best efforts I did not win the gift card from Zed. Blah. It’s okay, I’m feeling very blessed these days. I won that money from CFOX and spent a bunch of it on a homeless buddy and his pals.

Thank you also to those who donated money – an extra $35 goes a long way, surprisingly! Tomorrow afternoon I will be picking up the mincemeat tarts he hoped for and dropping off the six care packages. His blog has a post with recommended items for care packages for the homeless (HERE) so I got most of the stuff on the list. Each package has 5 pairs of socks, a lighter, toothbrush, toothpaste, body wash, deodorant, flashlight and batteries, rain poncho, two Ziplock bags, some chocolates, and underwear. For the one female I also put in pads and two sports bras (different sizes in case one doesn’t fit.) Stanley’s package has razors and three wrapped gifts in it, things I know he needs. If I had more money I would throw in McDonalds gift cards but I’m all out!

Stanley would like to get a MEC pressure cooker (HERE) because after making his dinner in his pot, he puts it in his sleeping bag to warm it up before going to sleep in his parkade. The pressure cooker holds the heat better apparently, so would warm him longer into the night. The small one is $72 so I’ll try to get him one in the next few months. If you have one laying around which you aren’t going to need, let me know and I’ll come pick it up.

May as well, since there will be nothing else going on this week! I doubt any contests will play Monday or Tuesday and doubtful anything will happen the following week either. I’ll let you know if anything sprouts up.

Until then, I’m laying low. And also high – we will be at Grouse a lot because we got the $299 Annual Family Pass which includes a parking pass! It’s on sale right now, regular $399. This is the BEST deal for families who like to play in the snow, go sledding, skating, etc. Also great for summer when you do the Grind, the zipline, the ropes course, etc.

Maybe we’ll see you there? If not, I hope you have a fun-filled, relaxing holiday season!