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Sunday Jan 5

Posted on Jan 5, 2020


Did you listen to JR’s Top 40 countdown and enter to win that Lounge Pass? I wasn’t able to listen (because I didn’t have three hours to blow) so I entered three random songs I liked. LOL! I obviously won’t win but hey, at least I tried. Did you?

Justin Bieber dropped a new song a few days ago. It’s called “YU_ _ Y”. I’ll let you fill in the blanks: is it YUMMY or is it YUCKY? I’m not a fan of it at all, so when Kiss played it every hour I had mixed feelings. The first time I heard it my face automatically screwed up like it had smelled something rotten. Then the second time it came on, I found myself singing along to it (clearly without thinking!) The third time it came on, my 13 year old yelled from the other room, “OMG TURN THAT OFF! THAT’S HORRIBLE! Why do they keep playing it?!” so I promptly walked to the radio and turned it off. I like most of Justin’s songs so this is nothing personal, we just don’t like that song. Don’t let our opinion sway you though – if you like it, you like it! Nothing wrong with that.

That was about the most exciting thing which happened over the holidays. The rest of the days are just one, big, muddled pile of mush. We did nothing of any consequence and I can’t wait to get back to routine! It’ll be so nice to get the kids out of the house and off their phones, and get my own ass off the couch. “Do as I say, not as I do” has to change to “lead by example” in 2020…

So let’s get on with it!

I wrote a list of the monthly contests we had in 2019. You can read that HERE (it also includes a best/worst critique.) There were a surprising number of contests I had completely forgotten about (and some I would rather forget!)

I haven’t seen or heard of any changes host-wise, so the regulars will be back at the helm. This is somewhat surprising, considering the latest radio ratings (according to market share):

  1. QMFM
  2. Rock 101
  3. CFOX
  4. Virgin
  5. JR
  6. Jack
  7. Z95.3
  8. Kiss
  9. The Breeze
  10. Peak

How Jack is outperforming Zed is beyond me. You would think some changes might be in order, in an effort to boost ratings. Perhaps some contracts aren’t quite up yet and changes will happen during the summer months. Here’s hopin’!

The only thing I’m sure of is Peak’s Concert Pass starts Monday morning. Listen for your cue to TEXT (blah) which will happen at least three times per day between 6am and 6pm, even on weekends (but between 10 and 4.) Then text the word CONCERT to 604-280-1027. If they call you back, you qualify for the draw to win a Lounge Pass, which gives you access to every intimate show in the Peak Lounge for 2020. This is a great prize, I’m a huge fan of the Lounge (both JR and Peak share the same lounge.)

Interestingly, they are the only media group with a lounge. Other stations have artists come in for chats and such, but Jim Pattison stations are the only ones who actually have a private performance for listeners. CFOX has done one at a “secret location”, but that’s not quite the same, is it? The Lounge is intimate and comfortable and homey. This makes them very unique. Other stations could take a page from that book. I know they have room for intimate shows in their lobbies so they should consider using their spaces to bring listeners together. I would totally drive out to Zed for a half hour Scott Helman concert!

I’ve got nothing else for you right now. Hopefully there will be some contest announcements in the morning. Last January at this time we already knew about Virgin’s Beat Your Bills, Debt Collector on CFOX, Check In/Cash Out on JR, and 101’s trip. This year we’ve only been told about Peak’s contest. What’s up?! Maybe they won’t start new contests until NEXT week. Ugh.




Kiss Radio has Maroon 5 tickets at 8:10.




5:40 – JRFM, Secret Word given ($100 to Forever Yours Lingerie or tickets to Nitro Circus)

6 – 10 – CFOX, Best/Worst of the Weekend (?)

6 – 6pm – Peak, Concert Pass cue (anytime)

6:30 – QMFM, $1000 Minute

7 – 9 – JRFM, Secret Word said ($100 to Forever Yours Lingerie or tickets to Nitro Circus)

7:05 – Z95.3, Payday

7:30 – Rock 101, Grand IQ Test

7:35 – QMFM, $1000 Minute

8:05 – Kiss, Not So Secret Word (Maroon 5 tickets)

10 – 3 – QMFM, ?

12 – 1 – CFOX, 90’s at Noon (?)

12 – 1 – Rock 101, Rock Trivia (movie passes)

4 – 5 – JRFM, Head Blank (tickets to Tebey at Commodore)

4:45 – CFOX, This Is Our World (?)

Good luck everyone!