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Here’s Looking At You, Kid.

Posted on Mar 10, 2020

Just yesterday I wrote in my blog,

“Zed made many references to “a new direction” so I’m excited to see what that’s going to look like. Will they change their music? Go country? Punk? Hard rock? Or will they just get a few fresh faces for the morning show? Whatever it is, I am really hoping there’s no Kid Carson involved.”

Bright and early this morning they revealed their new morning host: Kid Carson. My first reaction when I saw the Facebook post was to laugh out loud. Literally. I laughed at myself for being presumptive (assuming they wouldn’t hire Kid) and at Zed for thumbing their noses at me. I felt like my big brother just gave me a noogie!

Interestingly, here’s an excerpt from an interview Kid did back in 2009 when he was still at The Beat:

“KC: I took the Vancouver job over the phone. I’d never been to Vancouver… I arrived… found out that the Vancouver radio station wasn’t in Vancouver… but in Richmond. Great. I went from a view of downtown Toronto, to starring at the loading dock of a warehouse. The florescent lights in the hallway flickered. It wasn’t fun. I got in trouble ALL the time. I didn’t follow the 5 second talk-break rule. They messed with my vacation time. We were all treated like fast-food employees. It was a freakin’ dream-killer. 12 months in, I was on the phone and ready to return to Toronto.”

Since then the station has switched to Virgin and back again, with a change in management to go with it. They no longer treat their employees like fast-food workers and I doubt they mess with vacation times. Things are different but it’s still in the same building in Richmond, though it’s been nicely renovated.

I used to be a big fan of Kid’s but I didn’t really know his history. He started in Toronto but got fired when they rebranded, landed at Zed, then went to The Beat, then something happened there and he quit and went to Sonic which rebranded to Kiss. Then all that stuff happened with his co-hosts and one left and then he got fired and the other one came back and then they got fired and… good grief! What a lotta drama. Maybe that’s what left a bad taste in my mouth – all the drama. That’s all well and good when you’re twenty something but we (both Kid and I) are getting too old for it.

I went on yesterday to say:

“The mature fans will give the new morning show a fair shot before making up their minds.”

Now it’s time to put my money where my mouth is and give him a chance. I am always ready to give someone a second chance, rooting for the underdog and applauding those who dare to be different. He is certainly different! And raise your hand if you haven’t made mistakes and been an asshat at some point in your life. I sure have! All of the above! I’ve been an egotistical twat and have thought I was too good for some people and some jobs. I’ve been insufferable and annoying and I’ve been fired from no less than five jobs.

With each swat down, I grew up a bit more. I learned from my mistakes in one job and made different mistakes in the next one. I changed my attitude about one thing but a different and sometimes uglier attitude surfaced. It took a lot of time and soul searching and failure to figure out where I went wrong each time. Admitting my shortcomings was the first step.

Kid is now 42. Has he grown up or is he still thrill-seeking, frenzied, and spreading Hollywood gossip? I hope having a family has settled him somewhat and getting fired has stripped some of his ego. Maybe what we’ll get is a softer, calmer, more down to earth Kid.

The danger of backsliding is real due to the simple fact that it’s HIS show. Any cohosts will have to be content to be Second Chair. At least with Leslie and Scooter there was no host who ran the show more than the other. It was very equal. Now we will have a Willy situation – with him as the main and backed up by others. That’s assuming there ARE others… I honestly don’t think he could carry a show on his own but again, we have to let him try!

I will be listening for the first week to make sure I’ve given him a fair shot. I’m waffling between hoping he does well and having low expectations. If it’s over-the-top, hyper schtick, I’m out on the first day. A more mature version of Kid is what I’ll be looking for.

Win us over, Kid.