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Sunday April 19

Posted on Apr 20, 2020


It was the best of times, it was the worst of times… Dickens really hit the nail on the head with that opening line! We have suffering, we have joy; we have despair, we have hope. It comes in waves, one moment different from the next. I vacillate between the two many times each day. One moment nothing feels different, the next I wonder how it will all turn out. How many more will die? Will we ever get to travel without face masks again? Which restaurants will survive? Are gyms really necessary? Soooo many questions…

One thing which I know for sure – contests are imperative! They are the lifeblood of marketing, and once we are back to having things to market, we’ll have an influx of new things to win. However, it’ll look different. There won’t be Science World or Aquarium passes if those places close permanently (as suggested in the news this weekend.) There won’t be box seats to fireworks and maybe there won’t even be spa packages. It’s interesting to take stock of what goods and services are ACTUALLY necessary to have a happy and fulfilled life. Maybe you DON’T need to stop at Starbucks for that daily dose of caffeine because you discovered the coffee you make at home is pretty darned good. Maybe you could skip the vitamin/clothing/furniture store and just order everything online. Maybe you decided you’d rather do yoga alone than stare at someone’s stinky bum in a downward dog. All good choices!

Yes, life and prizes will look different when the smoke clears. While we wait, let’s pray to the Contest Gods for something to get us through. There are a few new things to note this week:

CFOX is counting down the top 50 rock songs of all time. If you can guess which song will be #1, you could win $100 to The Pint. Enter your guess HERE. I love The Pint. Great food, great atmosphere, nice folks. But will it survive this pandemic? It’s holding steady at the moment, serving people via curbside pickup and delivery, but is it sustainable? Will it still be standing in a few (or many) months? What if I win a gift card and BAM! it closes? If you win one, I suggest using it straight away to make sure you didn’t waste a win. I hear the people who won $100 gift cards to Skip the Dishes got given cash instead. That’s nice!

JR is giving away a nice Sleep Country prize in a fun way: they’re reading bedtime stories! This is really cute – listen for them to read part of a bedtime story (once with each show from 6am to 6pm) every day this week. If you know which story it’s from, go enter HERE. You MUST enter before 6pm because after that they will have the entire story available for your kids to listen to at bedtime. My kids are too old for this but I might force my youngest to listen to it just for shits ‘n’ giggles. I won’t enter because we all have super comfy beds at the moment but I will enjoy listening to the story.

At 7:10 each morning the Virgin crew will be giving $100 to Fresh Street Market to the 25th caller. That’s on top of the regular Beat Your Bills stuff which goes on for another two weeks. The names I caught for that last week were: Taylor Siddell, Christie BArry, Michelle Wilke, Melissa Dietz, Jessie Wilson, Makayla Millie, and Carissa Doulan. Virgin is really taking advantage of these doldrums by giving us a reason to listen at least three times each day! Nobody else is doing that. Strange, don’t you think? If I were trying to attract listeners, now would be a good time to sway them with bribes. Even if there’s no ratings race, we’re all looking for something comforting to listen to. At this point, everything is up in the air – when the dust settles, those who kept our ears during the pandemic are the ones we’ll be loyal to.

I will remain loyal to my regulars: WAK, Clay and Karen, Matty B, Sitto and Bamessa. As long as they are there, I can pretend everything is normal.

You know what’s not normal? Having Kid on Zed. Watching Facebook Lives by radio hosts. Having no prizes to win. None of it is normal but here we are, making the best of it.

I’d like to take this wee paragraph to thank all of you who have reached out in the past few weeks via messenger, twitter, email, etc. I love hearing what you’ve been up to – knowing we’re all in this together makes it somehow easier. We understand each others’ withdrawals right now so it feels nice to commiserate with you. I figured out the Zoom thing this weekend so next weekend let’s Zoom. My number is 977 757 0985. I had a virtual dance party with a friend Saturday night but I had to “invite” her to a meeting. If that’s the case, I probably need YOUR number to invite you. Aaaaanyway, we’ll figure it out. Maybe I’ll do Facebook Live and have Zoom on as well, that way I can send out invites to Facebook people. Does that work? It appears I have more research to do…

Nat and Drew and crew had a Facebook Live party on Thursday evening around 7pm. The video said “Let’s have some drinks, play some games and hang out!” They forgot to add “with just the five of us!” because they had ZERO interest in talking to anyone watching them. They talked about what they were each drinking, then played a true/false game – again, just with each other. They didn’t once acknowledge the hundreds of messages and guesses people were sending them. They didn’t actually want to know what WE were drinking, they just wanted to talk about themselves. To each other. The five of them. The true/false game was the same – they each took a guess and immediately said the answer after the four had guessed, with no mention of the dozens of true/false guesses thrown out by viewers. I watched until the third true/false game and then checked out – it was like watching a game show with D-List celebrities. No audience participation, just a bunch of hacks having drinks and we were eavesdropping. No thanks!

Why do you think it’s called “eavesdropping”?? I picture a guy on the roof hanging over the eaves and listening to what’s happening in the bedroom via the open window. Creeeeeeeepy.

Also a no-thank-you to the Kid commercials on Zed. I cringe every time I hear one. What I had hoped would be a kinder, more mature version of the embattled radio host turned out to be the polar opposite – he seems to have digressed into a man-child with shirtless leather vests and juvenile antics. The one description of him I read on Facebook keeps running through my mind – the radio equivalent of Axe body spray. Sadly, I kinda don’t mind the smell of some Axe products. Alas, the description is quite accurate. This is just MY opinion and not worth the keystrokes it’s typed with, so I hope you are listening and forming your OWN opinions.

That said, I lingered on Zed Friday night after Sitto and Bamessa signed off because the Katie and Ed show was very entertaining! It was fun banter between two intelligent (though seemingly gullible) hosts. I say gullible because they were talking about listening to Tiger King’s songs and enjoying them. “He’s a good singer!” Katie gushed. Er… you know he’s not actually singing, don’t you?? He hired someone to sing those songs for him, he just lip synced them in the videos. You can read about that HERE. If you haven’t watched Tiger King yet, I don’t know what to tell you. It’s the best of times, it’s the worst of times…







5:40 – JRFM, Secret Word given (JR Prize Pack or $25 Tim Hortons)

7 – 9 – JRFM, Secret Word said (JR Prize Pack or $25 Tim Hortons)

7:10 – Virgin, Food Fairy

7:35 – QMFM, $1000 Minute

8:10 – Kiss, Whatchamacallit

8:10 – Virgin, Beat Your Bills

11:10 – Virgin, Beat Your Bills

3:10 – Virgin, Beat Your Bills

4:00 – Zed, Alphabucks

I’m not even going to wish you good luck because blah.