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Sunday May 3

Posted on May 3, 2020


If you missed it, we played What The Hell IS That? on Facebook last night. I played 10 different sounds and asked people to email me their guesses. Whoever gets the most correct will win $50. If you watch the video on Facebook, you will see the actual bills I will be mailing out.

I said I would announce the winner with today’s newsletter but I want to give you more time because many of you didn’t get a chance to play yesterday. I’ll announce the winner tomorrow and pop that cash into the mail (or email transfer it, that might be safer.)

You can watch the full video on Facebook or you can just listen to the totally everyday sounds from around my house here:

WTHIT Round 1

The sound quality here is shite, you’re better off listening to it on Facebook. Don’t watch the whole video, just fast forward to the end where I recap the sounds. No need to listen to my blah blah blah sad story blah blah blah. Then send your ten guesses (or as many as you have) to Or you can text/DM them to me if you prefer. If you already sent in your guesses but want to add or change some, feel free. I’ll take guesses until noon tomorrow and announce the winner at about 2:30.

The reveal video will be posted to Facebook tomorrow afternoon.

In other news, there is no other news. Rock 101 had some food delivery gift cards last week but aside from that, I didn’t hear of anything.

JR is willing to join your child’s birthday parade. Enter HERE and maybe they’ll come for a socially distant march for your kid. That’s a fun use of that big truck! They are also using the truck to pick up food bank items so if you have food to donate, enter HERE and they’ll let you know within five days if they can swing by for a contact-less pickup.

And look what else JR has for us: a Mother’s Day gift! Tell them about the cool/interesting/funny thing your Mom has learned or done during quarantine and you’re into the draw for a nice Sleep Country and SaveOn prize. Tell them your story HERE and they will read a few stories on air this week.

Have you ever called into JR for their 9 Seconds At Noon? I have. I’ve plugged our dog food and also my Finnish foods. If you call in to contribute your own 9 seconds (birthday wishes, complaints, kudos, advertisements, etc.) you could win $50 to The Deck.

The Peak is also stepping up to the Mother’s Day plate with a Sleep Country/SaveOn package. You just have to play a trivia game and you’re into the draw. Just for playing you will win a set of pillows. Go enter HERE and maybe they’ll call you this week.

The Peak is also taking party parade requests, and they will show up for more than just kids’ birthdays! Go enter HERE to have the come drive by your house with tunes. It’s not much of a party or parade if they’re the only ones who show up, but wouldn’t that be cool? I hope to see video of one of these once they start doing them.

QMFM has flowers for your Mom. Guess which song Drew’s Mom is singing and you could win $100 to Flower Factory. The $1000 Minute isn’t up on their site anymore so I’m not sure if that’s happening this week. I’ll leave it in the schedule for now but I may take it out on Monday.

Virgin will have $150 to Pomme Natural Market in PoCo this week. At 7:10 each morning caller 25 will get the chance to guess the Famous Mom.

Zed has music for your Mother, but also a basket of gift cards. Enter your dedication HERE and maybe you (she) will win. On Wednesdays (the official order-in day) they will have $100 for some food delivery. Go enter for that HERE.

The Breeze also has a Mom’s basket and you could win it for her by entering HERE. They’ll deliver it in one of their cool colourful cars. The Breeze has the cutest cars…

You know what makes social distancing bearable? Beer! You could win a year’s worth of beer by showing CFOX your Covid hairdo. Upload your picture HERE for your chance to win. They also have something for your Mom (in case she doesn’t like beer) – a gift basket with jewelry, smelly things, and yummy snacks. Enter for that HERE.

Rock 101, Kiss and Jack are the only ones without an offering this week. And that’s pretty good considering we’ve had hardly anything in what feels like forever…

I’ll play Round 2 of What The Hell IS That? next Saturday at 7:30. Hopefully my wifi strength will hold throughout this time…







5:40 – JRFM, Secret Word given (JR Prize Pack or $50 to The Deck)

7 – 9 – JRFM, Secret Word said (JR Prize Pack or $50 to The Deck)

7:10 – Virgin, $150 to Pomme Natural Market

8:05 – QMFM, $100 to Flower Factory

8:10 – Kiss, Whatchamacallit

4:00 – Zed, Alphabucks

4:30 – JR, Head Blank (?)

Good lu… meh, whatever.