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Sunday June 14

Posted on Jun 14, 2020


You guys!!! I have news! You won’t believe it. It happened this morning while I was making crepes for the creeps. Er… kids.

As you know, I have my set stations during the week, but on the weekends I like to listen to The Peak. I really like the music so I turn it on while I’m cleaning the kitchen and making breakfast (yes, 10am is when breakfast is. So?)

This morning I heard a familiar voice. Scooter! I was so surprised my jaw literally dropped and I stared at the radio. I listened for the full hour it took me to clean the kitchen and make the crepes and whip the cream. I found Scooter to be extremely listen-able. His voice used to bother me on the Nat and Drew Show and also on Zed’s morning show – it always sounded like he was reading a script. But this morning he sounded so… different. Calmer, cooler, realer. He seems more comfortable in his skin and doesn’t need to try so hard. The music at Peak seems to suit him more too. It was an absolute pleasure to listen to, and in fact I am still listening as I type this post.

I texted him at The Peak to tell him how impressed I am with him. He texted back and was gracious, and grateful to have another chance at Vancouver radio. He will be there all summer and I have my fingers crossed they find him a permanent position there. Yes, I realize that to make room for a new host someone else has to lose their job. I can think of a few Peak hosts who could stand to be replaced… *cough*

Moving on. A few times last week I scanned the stations while I was driving somewhere (WHERE?! Nooo idea. Probably McD’s drive-thru) and stumbled upon a few contests. Upon inspection, I discovered there are actually a FEW contests to talk about. So let’s get on with it!

QMFM is giving away $100 to Romer’s at 7:05. Text your best Dad Joke to 103535 and you could win it sometime this week.

Virgin also has food gift certificates – $75 to De Dutch! OMG I absolutely LOVE De Dutch! What’s better than a massive crepe topped with bacon and eggs and sausages and sometimes even hashbrowns and mushrooms and… OH YUM!!!

Also on Virgin, they will have $300 to Reo Rafting (and Yoga??) Resort. This is a great prize if you’re the adventurous type. Or the yoga type I guess. Listen for the Dad sound and be caller 25 to guess it. If you get it right, you win. I’m not sure what happens if you guess wrong. I hope they take the next caller.

CFOX is giving away a fire table from Outland Living and it looks awesome! I’d love to have one of those in my yard or on the deck. Looks super cozy. To get into the draw, just call Jeff O’Neil’s show in the mornings and chat. I’m not sure how you qualify for the draw but they’ll let you know. There will be six people in the draw. SIX! Great odds. Those who don’t win the fire table will win a pair of torches, which is also very cool. The winner will be announced on Friday.

Also on CFOX: $20,000! Whaaaaat?! Oh. It’s for people with musical talent. Harumph. That’s not me. But if it’s YOU and you’re unsigned (ie. not in a contract with a music label or whatever), make your video and enter it HERE. It has to be an original song performed by you (and your band if you have one.) Read all the rules and regulations HERE to make sure you get it right.

This contest is nationwide so there may be a lot of entries, but imagine winning it and having the song of the summer!! You have until the end of next month to get it done. Do it. This is the opportunity of a lifetime. If you need help making a video, I’m available. I’m getting really good at making videos! More on that later.

On the other Corus station, you could win a BBQ for showing off your Dad Bod. It could be YOUR bod or that of a Dad you love (husband, brother, granddad, etc.) They don’t appear to be posting the Dad Bods anywhere so don’t worry, only the judges are judging you. Go enter HERE and maybe you’ll win that beautiful BBQ from Trail Appliances.

Speaking of Trail Appliances, they had a contest over on Global where you submitted a family recipe. I was going to enter it but when I went looking for the contest, it had disappeared! The end date was supposed to be June 8th or so and it was only May 30th. I asked them on Facebook where the contest went (it disappeared from the site) but nobody ever got back to me. Now they are showing the contest entries on Global. Humph. So Trail Appliances can suck it for changing the rules and not replying to me.

Global has another contest right now which is for a Whistler getaway. Global’s site says it ends at midnight tonight but the Pan Pacific site says it ends on the 17th. Regardless, go enter HERE.

Rock 101 is continuing with their 20 Years in 20 Days where you enter a song name every hour during the weekdays. I would like to point out that so far there are about 11,000 entries. By the end of this month there will be about 18,000 (accounting for attrition, people getting tired of paying attention for so long.) That said, the prize is spectacular so maybe it’s worth paying attention…

The Peak has a great summer prize too – a portable Webber BBQ from Kerrisdale Lumber, $100 to SaveOn, plus a Russell Brewing prize pack (BEEEEEEERRRRR!!!) To be in on this prize, listen for Weezer’s Feels Like Summer. Once the song starts, be caller 10 to get your name into the draw. They will be taking 24 qualifiers between June 8th and the 19th, which means two qualifiers per day (plays on weekends too!) Those who qualify will instantly win a $25 Russell Brewing prize (beeeeeerrrr!) The winner will be drawn on Friday. I’m not familiar with that song, otherwise I’d be playing for sure.

JR also has a BBQ and SaveOn and Russell Brewing prize. Just tell Docc and Nicole at 5pm what you’re cheering about and they might put you into the draw for that prize, which will be drawn this Friday just in time for Father’s Day.

JR is still playing their Guess Who game on Thursdays. I haven’t played a single time. Covid shot my gaming gene and now it appears to be latent. Mind you, I’m not interested in $100 to Rockin’ Cowboy anyway. Now if it were a Jewel game, they’d have my attention.

Zed has my attention. They are giving away $100 to Milltown Brew Pub and I couldn’t be more excited!! That place is fabulous! Great food, great atmosphere, fantastic views, and super nice staff. It helps that it’s only ten minutes from my house too. Heh. Comment on their daily Dad Facebook post and you could win. Those who win the $100 gc are in for a draw to win a helicopter adventure, so only five people in the draw for the grand prize. Cool.

The Breeze has a round of golf for five Dads. Listen in the mornings and comment on their daily Facebook post or text them about your Dad and you could win a round of golf for two at Tsawwassen Springs. Nice.

Nothing new from Kiss or Jack but have you heard the OK Tire commercials?? That’s Kevin’s voice FOR SURE! Love it. I’d go there just because Kevin told me to…

Now for a brief personal blurb: I have been addicted to playing online Scrabble on my phone. I play on an app called Scrabble Go and I freakin’ LOVE IT! It keeps my brain active and challenged and entertained. The other day I sat on the couch playing it while our daughter was watching her favourite YouTubers on our tv. She was literally watching other people play an online game. So I said to her, “I’m going to post videos of me playing Scrabble Go! I’ll be a YouTube star!” and she scoffed, “you can’t make YouTube videos! You’re too old!” And you know me. I love a challenge!

So I started making online gaming videos with me playing Scrabble. I signed up for a WeVideo yearly subscription, which is an online video editing site. I don’t have to download anything, I just upload all my videos and edit them right on their site. It’s the CAT’S ASS! I figured out how to do picture in picture and my videos look pretty freakin’ good. I’m oddly proud of them. It’s my new thing. It totally scratches my itches to make videos, learn new things, and challenge myself. I’ll be posting them on my personal channel. If you’re interested, you can check them out here:

Playing a Duel. 5 minutes. My first video.

Playing in a Tournament. Four minute video.

Tournament results. Four minute video.

If people can watch others playing golf, poker, chess, baseball, online games, etc, why not Scrabble? It might not be YOUR thing, but it might be somebody’s thing! LOL! My next video will be me playing an actual game of Scrabble with someone online. Fun!

Alright, that’s all I’ve got for you today. Maybe things are slowly getting back to normal and I’ll have more reasons to put out another schedule next week. Fingers crossed!




5:40 – JRFM, Secret Word given ($75 to The Range or $25 to Johnston’s Meats)

6am – 7pm – Peak, Weezer’s Feels Like Summer (summer prize pack)

6 – 10 – The Breeze, Dad post/text (golf prize)

6 – 10 – CFOX, fire table

7 – 9 – JRFM, Secret Word said ($75 to The Range or $25 to Johnston’s Meats)

7:05 – QMFM, Dad Jokes ($100 to Romer’s)

8:10 – Kiss, Whatchamacallit

8:10 – Virgin, Dad Sounds ($300 to Reo Rafting & Yoga)

9:00am – 8:05pm – Rock 101, Song of the hour

4:00 – Zed, Alphabucks

4:30 – JR, Head Blank (?)

5:00 – JR, Cheersing Hour (summer prize pack)