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Cap Shields

Posted on Sep 25, 2020

A few months ago when I was at Shopper’s Drug Mart I noticed one of the women working there was wearing a clear face shield rather than a mask. It was the kind with the foam band resting on your forehead and the elastic wrapped around your head. I asked her about it and she said it was so much nicer and more comfortable than wearing a mask – she could breathe and smile at people. Then she whispered, “they sell them at London Drugs.”

Before I left for Finland this summer I went to LD and bought one. I thought it might be more comfortable to wear on the plane but I didn’t end up using it there. Instead, I used it when I visited my 97 year old aunt at the old folks’ home. I wasn’t allowed into the building but I was going there to have tea with her in the yard (I brought a thermos of tea and some treats.) I set up our little picnic on the bench and put on my plastic face shield and gloves, then buzzed the buzzer for them to bring her out.

The nurse wheeled out my aunt, who was well prepared with two sweaters on, cozy slippers on her feet, and a thick blanket across her lap. It was summer but the weather gets pretty cool there around mid August so I too had brought an extra sweater.

I pointed to my shield and said to the nurse, “I hope this will do!” She pointed at her own clear plastic face shield and said, “I hope so too!” and we laughed. If it was good enough for the nurse, it surely would be good enough for our brief picnic!

During our visit my aunt could see me smiling and laughing while I shovelled chocolates into my mouth from under the shield. She was engaged and perky, happy to have company after months and months of lockdown.

An hour later I was back on the bus, heading home after our lovely picnic. The bus was empty so I took the shield off and rubbed my forehead. The foam band had irritated my forehead and I had gotten a rash. That rash lasted for weeks. I still had an itchy forehead when we got back to Canada! I threw that mask in the garbage and swore to only use cloth masks from then on.

When I got an email asking to host a contest on my website for something called a Cap Shield, I was sceptical. After a brief look at their website, I was intrigued – this shield was different. This shield clips onto your baseball cap! Nice! Also, they are a local business and I always like to support local. They had been on the news, and the website looked great.

I don’t want to promote anything on my site which I wouldn’t personally use, so I asked them to send me a sample. They were happy to oblige. As soon as we got the package (one for each of us), my husband eagerly tested them out. He figured out the clips, tested it on different hats, tweaked and prodded and studied it. He’s a tinkerer so he was fascinated at its simplicity and effectiveness. He followed me around the house explaining each part of it to me.

He put the cap he liked it on best into his delivery van and wears it when he’s dropping off dog food. He doesn’t often run into his customers as he just drops the food off and texts them to pick it up, but he wears the shield just in case. It gives him and any potential chatty customers the security of knowing they are both protected.

While my husband was out, I decided to put my shield on a cap and go grocery shopping. I’m not a hat wearer myself (though I look great in them!) but I wanted to try it out. I only have one baseball cap I like so I attempted to put the shield on it. Well, first I put the clip on the cap and then tried to put the shield in place. That didn’t work because the cap was thick, which made the clip squeeze too tightly to get the shield into the holder. Then I tried putting the shield in place first, then attach it to my hat. Nope. The hat flap was too thick! Dammit!

After about 20 minutes of fiddling around with it, I went and got a different hat. The clip went on with ease and I went along my merry way to the store. While there I realized how often my hand is near my face! I reached for a zucchini from about an eye-level shelf and as my hand went up past my face, SPROING! I knocked that edge of the shield off. BAH! The good news is that it was super easy to place back into the clip without having to take the hat off.

I really enjoyed walking around the store and being able to smile at people but still feel protected. Also, like I said, I look great in hats, so I was feeling pretty cute. *shrug*

When I got home my husband was there and immediately launched into a gush about how great the shield was and wasn’t it great and wasn’t it comfy and didn’t I love it? I nodded and took off the cap. He picked it up and started explaining how it curves so perfectly around your face and these clips are easy to adjust, you just have to push it here and blah, blah, blah, blah.

Okay, I get it! They’re grrrrrreat! Not only are they local, well made, inexpensive, comfortable, and good protection, they also don’t give me forehead rash. So if you regularly wear a baseball cap and at times need to be in the vicinity of people, these shields are the cat’s ass. You should order one and buy extras for your friends!

Check them out. Support local. Share with your friends.