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Sunday Nov 22

Posted on Nov 22, 2020


Well, well, well… things are looking up! We’ve got some really fun games starting this week and they may come bearing gifts!

But first let me say this: sincerest condolences to everyone at Rogers who lost their jobs last week. Rogers cleaned house and cancelled BT Vancouver, fired the Jack morning show, and also let go a bunch of their News 1130 people. What a shitty time to get the axe, though there really isn’t any good time to get fired. They simply replaced BT with City News, and I’m not sure what’s going to happen at Jack but whatever it is, I hope it includes Tara Jean. Sonia should be coming back to Kiss any minute so TJ will need a new position.

If you’re in the CFOX draw because you won a Quick Draw, I wish you aaaaaaall the luck! $10,000 is nothing to sneeze at. I am not in the draw because I am an idiot. I kept thinking, “I’m not ready”, “I’ll do it later”, “I’m too busy”, “I don’t feel smart right now”, etc. And POOF! the contest ended and my chances of winning went up in smoke. Dummy.

Virgin keeps telling me to text them so I do, but they never phone me back! How rude. This is their last $10,000 so hopefully you get into the draw. They will have something new starting next week.

This is the last week to win $500 Christmas Cash from QMFM. I texted in a thousand times last week (or probably just 15 times) and nada. The game ends on Friday so I hope they have something interesting waiting in the wings.

Kid will be giving away cash another 35 times this week. That cash would come in super handy for ordering Xmas presents online (you couldn’t drag me to a mall right now!) I hope they call your name. If you’re on my list of people to listen for, relax – I gotchu.

I think Rock 101 has finally figured out who the GOAT is, and will making that announcement on Monday. After that, I expect them to announce their Christmas contest (FINALLY a real contest!)

The problem with listening to Breeze is that I get so lost in the songs – singing and dancing in my kitchen – that I often don’t twig that THIS is the Song of the Day until the song is almost over! It happens ALL the time. Ugh. But I keep texting and even when I text within the first five notes of the Song of the Day, still no spa gift card. Bah!

Speaking of Breeze, I was blasting them on my boom box Saturday while I sat out on the boulevard in my new Christmas display. I can’t tell you how happy it makes me. I hope you can swing by some sunny day and see it in person. I am collecting donations for the Vancouver Food Bank so I have Finnish gingerbread cookies (home baked by moi), a candy cane fence, and two selfie stations.

You can also take a selfie in my special display for a donation to the Food Bank. Canadians over the age of 50 will “get” this display but younger folks may only know the 12 Days of Christmas song. They will never know the camaraderie we all felt when greeting each other with “hey, ya hoser!” and “coo roo coo coo coo coo coo coo!” I had forgotten that Geddy Lee sings Take Off! and every time I play it in my display, I grin from ear to ear. Pure joy sprinkled with nostalgia. Love it.

And a beer… in a tree.

And now, here’s what’s new this week:

Peak starts its new game Whosie Whatsit. There will be two players each time, and one will get “a person” and the other will get “a thing” or “a place”. You have to get the other player to guess who or what your word is, but you only get 10 seconds. For example, if my word is DOG, I would give clues like “says woof” or “canine” or “humps my leg.” If the word is “astronaut” I would say “Chris Hadfield’s job” or “spaceman” or “lives in a rocket and visits the moon.” If you can get the other person to guess your word, you win $25. Even if neither of you wins the $25, you are both still into the draw for $5000 on or after December 11th. This game sounds alright. I give it a 7/10.

CFOX has a fun memory game. It goes like this: caller 9 gets to choose two stockings. If the stockings both contain the same thing, you win that thing. If not, you lose. But you can play again because there is no consolation prize. There are some pretty amazing prizes in there – one skidoo, one laptop, some tablets, espresso machines, $100 Visa gift cards, and a bunch of random gift cards ranging from $50 to $500. There are 99 stockings and 49 prizes. If you can do math, that means there must be an empty stocking somewhere. If you have won a prize from CFOX which was worth more than $500 in the past 30 days, you are not eligible to play. I kinda love this contest already so I’m giving it a 9/10.

Fa La LOL. Bah Humbug. JR is giving gifts but only via text. Listen for ANY Christmas song to play, then text GIFT and your name to 604-280-9370. Fine, I didn’t want a Fitbit anyway… 3/10.

And last but never least, Zed is spreading Christmas joy with their It’s Beginning to Look a Lot Like Christmas SHOPPING contest. Listen for the Song of the Day and when you hear it, you could win $500 to Metropolis at Metrotown. I love, love, LOVE this contest! And I love that they’ve kept it a call-in. THANK YOU ZED!!! 10/10!




5:40 – JRFM, Secret Word given (?)

6:00 – Zed, Kid’s Cash

7 – 9 – JRFM, Secret Word said (?)

7:00 – Virgin, $10,000 key word

7:00 – Zed, Kid’s Cash

7:30 – Rock 101, Grand IQ test

7:30 – QMFM, $1000 Minute

8:00 – Zed, Song of the Day announced

8:00 – CFOX, Take Two

8:00 – Peak, Whosie Whatsit

8:00 – Zed, Kid’s Cash

8:00 – Virgin, $10,000 key word

8:05 – QMFM, $500 code word

8:10 – Kiss, Whatchamacallit

9:00 – Kiss, Perfect 10 (?)

11:00 – CFOX, Take Two

11:00 – Peak, Whosie Whatsit

11:05 – QMFM, $500 code word

12:00 – Zed, Kid’s Cash

12:00 – Virgin, $10,000 key word

2:00 – CFOX, Take Two

3:00 – Virgin, $10,000 key word

3:00 – Zed, Kid’s Cash

4:00 – Zed, Alphabucks

4:00 – Peak, Whosie Whatsit

4:05 – QMFM, $500 code word

4:30 – JR, Head Blank (JR prize pack)

5:00 – CFOX, Take Two

5:00 – Zed, Kid’s Cash

5:00 – Virgin, $10,000 key word

6:00 – Zed, Kid’s Cash