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Sunday Dec 20

Posted on Dec 21, 2020


It’s all over.

Except for one. CFOX still needs to give away a skidoo! They will tell us at 7am how they’re going to do that. My guess is they will just play as usual tomorrow because there’s no doubt someone is going to win it in the next four plays. It would be great if they just kept playing this week and gave away some of the other great prizes too – the computer, the Dewalt prize, etc. I guess we’ll see what’s up tomorrow morning.

Other than that, there’s nothing happening. We have another six days of Christmas music and then we’re back to regular playlists. Then a couple of weeks twiddling our thumbs until the regular hosts come back – maybe Jan 4th or 5th (I hope.)

Meanwhile, let me tell you a quick story: I was baking gingerbread yesterday when I suddenly let out a guffaw – I had just remembered a dream I had the previous night! In my dream I was watching the news and the anchor said, “a local radio host was arrested this morning for…” and when I looked to see who it was, they showed Kid being carted away in handcuffs, looking like he’d just crawled out from a gutter. Still high on whatever, confused and compliant. I can’t remember what he was arrested for but it was for some kind of douchery. I was incredulous but also got a tinge of pleasure from it. Now, please remember this was a DREAM and it didn’t actually happen, but it’s so vivid in my mind. Have you ever had a sexy dream about a friend’s spouse and then felt suuuuuper awkward around them for the next year? No? Oh. Well, anyway, that’s kinda how I feel…

In other news, I self-published my children’s book last week – I used $850 of my 101 winnings to have it illustrated, then another $150 to order 20 paperback copies. If you would like to order one, the link for is here:

It’s also available on .com, .uk, etc, and also for Kindle.

If you were thinking of giving me a Christmas present, ordering the book is the best present you could ever give me. You don’t even have to read it! Just give it to someone as a present, or wrap gifts with it, or put it in one of those free libraries. I don’t mind. My royalties from each copy is a whopping $1.21 – it’s like you’ve bought me a coffee. Thanks. I love coffee…

Have a wonderful break. A very merry. A holly jolly.

And wear a mask.