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Go Fox Yourself

Posted on May 21, 2021

I called it, didn’t I?! Unsurprisingly, a children’s book didn’t make it into the Top Ten of CFOX’s Go Fox Yourself contest. LOL! Thank you to all of you who voted – I guess the others had more friends.

While I am disappointed, I know there are some people who are heartbroken. They put a ton of effort and energy into this contest over the past month, far more than most of those in the Top Ten. Nicole drew the CFOX logo with chalk all over town, wore CFOX underwear (over her leggings), made CFOX masks, hid CFOX mugs she painted in thrift stores, and did so many crazy and creative things, I can’t believe they didn’t put her in the Top Ten. Every single day she did something creative to promote CFOX. She tried harder than anyone. Too bad “heart” or “energy” were not on the list of judging criteria.

I would’ve thought “exposure” would be the number one criteria, yet that doesn’t seem to be the case. The woman who painted her van in the first week has been driving all over the lower mainland for weeks, as has the company who put the logo on their company vans. Then there were the white cars with stickers all over them, and the red car with the ears, and the van pulling the trailer – all very visible, lots of exposure all over town. More exposure than, say, a sailboat parked on a beach for an afternoon? Or a doggie photo shoot over a few hours? Yeah, probably.

It’s pretty passive to paint a wall (or a fence for that matter!) but the fact that it’s an old recording studio and is soon to be a brewery made it CFOX material. Plus the entrant is a hot chick with tattoos so there’s that. The girl who got the tattoo certainly got a lot of exposure, as did the Graffiti Guy. But exposure was only ONE of the criteria.

Logo accuracy was another thing they were judging on, and I’m not sure but I think maybe Foxy Mike’s sign left a little to be desired. However, his energy and hilarity made up for any lack of artistry. All the other Top Ten entries had the perfect logo (except the uncoloured tattoo but OUCH! that would’ve been a lot of pain to go through for a contest!)

Creativity was the most interesting aspect (to me) yet I was surprised at the lack of creativity in some of the top ten entries. Props to the guy who made the Pringles can projector though – that was super cool! Also, I think I misinterpreted the term “creativity”…

The entry deadline was on Wednesday and apparently CFOX drove around town Thursday to “check out Go Fox Yourself entries.” Of all the entries, which ones were static so they could be found? The brewery, the fence, the graffiti, the banner by the bridge, the back alley art, the banner on the house, aaaaand…? I don’t think they were really driving around checking entries, do you?

If you are so inclined, go HERE and vote for your Fan Favourite to win $2500. You can vote daily until next Thursday. Leona definitely deserved to be Top Ten – she has worked her ASS off this past month. I will be voting for her because I love her positive energy. GO LEONA!!!

I already re-painted the fence. Hubby is still going to listen to CFOX but I will be promoting Zed at Central Perk this summer. Come visit me and buy a The Fox Crocs book – I have 60 copies I need to sell to recoup my costs! What a waste of $600…

CFOX: You mad?