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About Me

In case you’re just joining us – just found us on Twitter or FaceBook, or found us through a Google search for contests – here are some things I’d like you to know:

1) I’m a stay-at-home mom in Vancouver with two kids (10 yr old and 14 yr old). I chose to raise my kids instead of going back to work, a decision I sometimes regret but in the end really appreciate (it’s not for everybody, but it works for us). Because I don’t have an income, I try to contribute by winning our “entertainment” – money, trips, family shows, Playland passes, etc.

2) I started writing this blog just to keep myself organized because I couldn’t keep track of all the radio contests. When people started reading it and engaging, I found my calling!! Blogging is where it’s at for me. I get to talk about the contests with other people who “get it”, which makes me feel like part of a community (much like techies like to get together in chat rooms, I suppose). We all love radio, we love contests, and we like to compare notes.

3) I started out with a free blog at blogspot, and set up a Twitter account to get them out there. As the community grew, I started a FaceBook page and a website. I use my Contests Vancouver FaceBook page profile to comment on other posts as a simple way to let people know we exist.

4) Because this is not a business and merely a personal page, sometimes I say things that can offend people. I don’t go out of my way to piss people off, and I try to act with a conscience. In general, I am very giving and FORgiving. I pretty much like everyone, and always try to see where they’re coming from when they make comments (whether I agree or disagree).

5) I am fiercely loyal and can be a pitbull if crossed. My 10 year old is transgender so I am passionate about the issues affecting transgender people and will not put up with homophobia. Everyone has a right to their opinion but they can go opine that negativity elsewhere – I don’t want to hear it. I am socially awkward, inappropriate, and an over-sharer. I’m a co-sleeping, un-coddling, eat-junk-food-till-you-puke, natural consequences type of parent. I bark at my kids and sometimes at my friends, usually because I’m at the end of my rope. It’s nothing a simple spa getaway wouldn’t resolve! I hope I can win one…

6) I love helping people, especially if I can help them win something. I’m trying to win stuff too, but if I don’t win, then I’m just as happy for the person who DOES win. There have been so many times I wished someone was there to help me – keep track of guesses, a list of names called, a phone call if I missed my name, etc. Well, now I AM that somebody. And I am HAPPY to help others. Because I can. Paying it forward after a lifetime of reaping the benefits of others’ kindness.

Now that both kids are finally in school and I have time to catch my breath, I can put more time into blogging and writing books. I’ve written five books (see Books tab) and am working on two more.

One more thing: I have no inside scoop on contests. I’m playing everything just like you – blindly!

Thanks for playing!