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Hey there! Thanks for popping in!

Yes, I’ve self-published some books. Why? Because I hate rejection! If I do it myself, I don’t have to please anyone. An editor might say “you can’t say that!” but I always tell myself “say whatever you want!” And I do.

I first self-published a book of short stories called “Inside Out” which hit the e-book shelf in February 2017 for a whopping $1.68 CDN. If you’re a friend of the blog, you’ve probably read all of these stories before. If not, then you are in for a treat! It’s available worldwide, but here’s the link to it on

My second book, a novella, was self-published in March 2017, and sells for $4.00 CDN (or $2.99 USD). It’s the true story of what was going on at my house in Nov/Dec 2016. It’s also available worldwide, but the link is here:

Check out those reviews!! WOOT! Sure, they’re all from friends NOW, but I’m hoping some strangers will also chime in. Are you a stranger? Would you review my book? I’d love that! And if I sell enough e-books, I can afford to order my own copy of the printed book, which is here:

That one is only available at, and is $8.99 USD.

Here is the link to the April 2018 book. It’s the diet my husband followed and lost weight AND his allergy symptoms! It’s $2.99 USD. The paperback will be available this week too.

A week after that diet book was published, I published another one. This one is something I know a little bit about: radio contests! If you have a friend who keeps asking you “how do you win?” just tell them to buy this book:

It’s on the site for $6.32 ($4.99 USD) and you can also get the paperback version for about $10. I’ll post the link to that here when it’s published (when you self-publish, you have to do the ebook and paperback separately!)


The book I just finished (May 2018) is the story of Annette and Marcel Poitras. Annette is the dog walker who got lost in the woods in Coquitlam last November. She and the three dogs survived two terrible nights before being rescued by Coquitlam Search and Rescue. It was a harrowing experience for everyone, and we’re excited to tell you all the details!

Here’s the link:

Watch this space for news of new book releases!